You know how I'm adding new topics to my blog; well, I read some ideas for blog topics and one of them was to let your readers get to know you better and let them know about your day. Since I also talk about heart healthy topics, I decided to tell you about my exercise routines.

So, every weekday, I try and go on a walk. On vacations, I go on a walk every morning, sometimes with my kids, sometimes alone; it just depends on if they want to go on my walk or not. If my daughter goes for a run, then my younger son has to go with me. On school days, if I don't have a job, I walk my son to school and back. If I do have a job, then I have to walk at the end of the day, once I drop everyone off at home and get changed. I get tired of walking the same way every day, so I walk a different way every day. I walk for either 30 minutes or 40 minutes. One of the ways I walk, they're building a housing complex, and a FedEx building, so it's been fun watching their progress every week. I enjoy walking outside, and feel refreshed after my walks.

Also, twice a week after my walk, I do back exercises. My back gets sore often, so my doctor gave me several back exercises to do. Sometimes my younger son will slide up next to me and do the back exercises along with me.

What kind of exercises do you like to do?