Job Search

2015 was the first time I worked the entire year subbing(the previous year I hadn't gone back to work until May), so at the end of December when I received my paycheck, it showed how much I earned for the year. Well, we found out it's a little more than a year of tuition at UC Irvine, where my son attends. It probably also pays for his books and maybe some of the gas for his car. Now that our daughter is a Senior in high school and will also be going to college next year, we realized, my current subbing job isn't going to be enough to cover 2 college tuitions. If subbing was year round, it would probably be enough, but since I don't get paid for school vacations or summer vacation, it's not enough.

So, I've had to unfortunately start the process of looking for a different job, and boy is it hard! I used to work in an office doing various functions like receptionist, mail clerk, A/R clerk, payroll clerk, data entry, customer service, but that was before the kids were born and a little bit when Ernesto was first born(I worked on Saturdays). I've also volunteered in a church office doing computer work and answering phones. I've applied for 7 different jobs so far since starting my search on Dec. 29, but haven't had any luck yet. Only one company has contacted me and that was an email telling me other people were more qualified. I wish someone would just give me a chance because if the did, they would see how hard I work and that I'd be one of the best workers they have.

We've also considered letting me keep the subbing job and then just finding a second job in the evenings/on weekends, but I don't know how much success I'd have at that. I already tried looking for jobs like that in the summer, like at grocery stores and retail locations, but didn't have any luck either. I had lots of interviews but I don't know if they thought I was overqualified or if I wouldn't stick with it once school started again, or what.

All I know, is this is very frustrating overall. For now, I'm very happy keeping my subbing job and wished I didn't even have to look for another job, but this is our reality right now. It's so disappointing to apply for a job that I know I'm very qualified for and would be good at, only to be rejected or not hear anything at all.

Do any of you have any tips on how to find a job, or have you gone through a similar situation?