My Week

This was a pretty good week. The kids are home from school, I'm home from subbing, and my husband had the week off from work.

On Monday, we ran errands. I used the Walmart gift cards my parents gave me to buy a calendar, baking pan, and a new planner to help plan my blog posts. We also bought desk calendar refills for my daughter and me.

On Tuesday, we started the 3-day process of painting my 9 year old son's room. We made several trips to Lowes, trying to decide exactly what green is Ninja Turtle green, and also buying paint supplies that we thought we already had, but didn't. We moved most of the things in his room to his closet and our master bedroom. The dresser and toy chest ended up in the hall, and his bed was in the middle of his room with a tarp over it. We then wiped down the walls, dusted and vacuumed, and taped up the walls. Then, we applied the first coat of paint. They said one can on paint would be plenty, but we ran out so my husband had to go buy a smaller can. Since his room smelled like paint, my son slept in a sleeping bag on the floor of his sister's room.

On Wednesday, we walked in to my son's room in the light of day, and realized it's very hard to paint with green! There were so many lighter areas of green! So, we spent the whole day touching it up. We would touch up what we saw for an hour or so, then took a break to let it dry. We would go back and look again and see more spots to touch up. We repeated this process all day, until we ran out of paint and decided it was good enough. Since it still smelled, my son had to sleep in his sister's room again.

On Thursday, his room looked much better, so we started the process of removing the tape and putting away all the tools and things.

My son told us where he wanted the posters to go on his wall, and we put back his bed and table.

We also put back his dresser, Ninja Turtle play structure, and toy chest. He was very happy with the way his room turned out. He said it looks "cool."

Thursday was also New Year's Eve, so we had our traditional night time snacks of Hillshire Farms sausage, cheese and crackers, chips and dip, and Martinelli's sparkling cider. I saw on another blog(I don't know whose or I would post it here, sorry) that Netflix had countdowns for kids, so my son watched one at 9:30 before he went to bed. The rest of us watched Dick Clark's New Year's and went to bed soon after midnight.

On Friday, it was time to put all of the info. into our new calendars. This is always such a long process, but a necessary one in order to stay organized. We took down our Christmas decor too, which always makes all of us sad as we look around the house and it feels so empty. We also decluttered the kitchen counters so that way I don't have to move so many things when it's time to clean, and it just looks and feels better too.

On Saturday, I cleaned and we went to my parents' house for dinner.

How was your week?