My Week

This has been a very interesting and busy week. We had a lot of rain, for us, here in Southern California! We need the rain, so we're grateful for it, but it caused lots of problems, and rainy day schedule at school is never fun.

On Monday, I had a good day in a first grade class. There is a nice older lady that volunteers in this class every day, so she makes subbing in there pretty easy. I usually have to ask the kids questions about their routine and I get tons of different answers and arguments sometimes, but because she's in the class, I just have to ask her. She's a very kind lady and we get along well. The teacher I worked with all last year is at this school also, so all 3 of us spent our lunchtime together, enjoying each other's company and catching up.

On Tuesday, I was at the high school in a History class I've subbed in before. There's a co-teacher in the class so she runs the lesson and I just assist. We were in the computer lab because the students were starting on a stock market project. The kids were actually pretty well behaved. I followed the co-teacher around during the first period so I could listen to her directions to the students and her answers to their questions. Then the rest of the periods, I was able to help the kids get started and answered their questions. It was a pretty good day, other than all the rain. As soon as the bell rang to go home, it just poured! No one wanted to leave and go out in it, and when they did they all ran screaming!

On Wednesday I was in a third grade class. The kids were a little talkative, but not too bad, and at least they weren't rude or disrespectful. They actually did pretty good because their lunch was shortened by a lot because it changed to rainy day schedule. We had an extra 25 minutes, so I read them a book and then we played Around the World. They had never played that game before and they really enjoyed it. Then, we did the math assignment the teacher had left and since it was an early day it was time to go home. They actually said, "Aww, we don't want to go home!" I'm glad they had a good day.

On Thursday, I did not have a good day at all. I was a roving sub, so I was in 3 different classes that day. When we first arrived in the office, the secretary was frazzled because they had changed the order of the meeting so she had to change everything she had typed up for us. I went to a first grade class, and they were so talkative! I had kids turn their cards, thinking that would get them to see I'm serious, but they didn't change their behavior. I was glad when it was time to move to the next class. We had 20 minutes in between, so we all ate our snacks in the teacher's lounge. We headed to our kindergarten classes, where half of us were informed that it was our lunchtime! It was only 10:45 and we had all just eaten our snacks! I have hypoglycemia and need to eat every 2 hours, so this would never work. The teachers thought maybe I could switch with a sub that had a later lunch, so I went to the office. The secretary talked to the people in the meeting, but they all said they were giving me the mandated 40 minute break and if I didn't eat during that time, that was my choice. So, I took my break, worked in the kindergarten class, which was awesome - the kids were so well behaved. When I went to the second grade class, I ate my lunch there while the kids worked on a math paper. Then my phone rang; it was the school nurse from my son's school. He was in her office and wasn't feeling good. My dad wasn't home and they only have one car. My oldest son was on his way home from school, and luckily he was only 20 minutes away, so he picked him up. In the meantime, my dad came home so they picked up my daughter from school. My younger son did end up throwing up at home, and he had a fever. It's so sad to see him sick.

On Friday, since my son was sick, I stayed home with him. Luckily I didn't have a sub job yet, so I just rejected any that came along. He was exhausted, but not throwing up anymore, so he just rested all day. I reconciled a bank statement, recorded who I received Christmas cards from, and caught up on email.

On Saturday, my son had some energy back and was feeling happy again. I cleaned all morning and afternoon.

How was your week?