My Week

My week subbing wasn't too bad, but life at home wasn't so good. My poor younger son, has a cold now. We thought it was just his allergies since he couldn't take his medicine last week while he had the stomach bug, but it turns out he has a cold. Then, my older son got a cold too. I also had a lousy day yesterday, which I'll expand on in the post.

On Monday, I subbed in a third grade class at my son's school, so that was nice, and I knew most of the students. We had a Youth Success week here in Oceanside, CA so on Monday some 4th or 5th grade presenters came into our class to talk about how the kids shouldn't bully others and how they can make a difference in the world and how they should strive for their dreams. Everyone was given a blue ribbon saying something about making a difference, and then given 2 extras to give to someone else(not in the class), who makes a difference in their life. Well, unfortunately, most kids just gave the ribbons to their classmates and it just became a popularity contest, rather than going out in the community and making other people feel great about the difference they're making in the world. I hope that some of the message about making a difference still got through, especially since they had other activities related to this theme throughout the week.

On Tuesday, I was in a kindergarten class that I've subbed in before. The teacher wasn't expecting me because the training had been moved and she didn't realize it. Her training wasn't until the afternoon, so the school hadn't found a sub for a first grade class yet, so I subbed there until one showed up and then went back to the kindergarten class. The class was really well behaved, although the first grade class wasn't. One nice thing about being in the first grade class though, was we went to the computer lab and I saw a lady I hadn't seen in awhile. We used to attend the same church, but both attend different churches now. It was nice to catch up on each other's lives.

On Wednesday, I was in a 3rd/4th combo. class that I've subbed in before. The class was pretty well behaved, and since it was a short day, we spent most of the day learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and completing projects about what they learned.

On Thursday, I was in a Chemistry class at the high school, and it was the best high school class I've ever been in! The kids all quieted down when I stood to take attendance and give them their instructions for the day. Most of the students worked on their assignments and those that didn't, still kept the noise level down.

On Friday, I was in a kindergarten class at my son's school. The kids were all pretty good and I actually enjoyed my day in the class.

On Saturday, I had a horrible day. It was extremely busy and just about everything went wrong. We went grocery shopping, then I had to start dinner in the crockpot. I cleaned the kitchen, made the kids' lunch, went back to cleaning, ate my lunch, made the Costco list and went to Costco. On the way there, we were waiting at a stoplight, when a motorcycle tried to pass. He hit my passenger mirror, which made a loud noise that made me jump, and the plastic part of the covering that he broke off flew at me(luckily my window wasn't down far), so that made me jump too. Then, he drove off! We tried to see where he went, but since he split lanes he was hard to follow. We didn't see him, so decided to turn and found him at the next light. We could tell he knew he hit us because he was looking at us in his mirror and then when we pulled up, he looked right us and seemed to know we were going to tell him he hit us. Thankfully, he pulled over and we saw that he broke off the bottom part of the plastic covering of the mirror and cracked the plastic all the way to the back. He said he would buy us a new one and let us know when he did. He was a young Marine, who was very polite to us, and even shook our hands and called me "ma'am." He said to give him a week, so I hope we hear from him. When we got back from shopping at Costco, I had to make smoothies for our snack, put the Costco stuff away, make the dessert, make waffles for the week, finish cleaning, and finish the rest of the dinner. Well, I burned myself on the waffle iron, and while sweeping the floor, my Swiffer broke, so I had too sweep and mop on my hands and knees with only the bottom part of the Swiffer in my hands. Of course because I had so much to do, by now, I was just done. I kept going, but I just sobbed and begged someone to help me. I didn't get the help I needed, so I just kept crying and complaining, which of course, didn't help the situation. So, I ended up losing my voice! Well, I guess now I can't complain anymore!

So, how was your week?