A Blog I Follow and Why

Another new topic I've decided to add to my blog is "A Blog I Follow and Why." I think it's a wonderful idea to share all of the great blogs that are out there. It's a great way to help promote other blogs and let you know a little more about me and my interests. I'm hoping to share a new blog at least once a month.

So, the first blog I decided to feature is Beader Bubbe's Beauty Fashion. This blog is written by Agnes. She is(according to Google +), a mother of five, grandma of nine, school secretary, beader, Avon Rep, and avid reader. She writes about makeup, fashion, beauty, Avon products, her life and life in general, reviews, and beading.

I really like Agnes and enjoy reading her blog. We seem to get along well and have some similar life experiences. We both work in elementary schools, like to read, and enjoy spending time with our families. I also love Avon products, and have recently started purchasing from Agnes' Avon store.

Agnes and I always comment on each other's blogs and have learned a lot about each other from reading the posts on our blogs and from commenting back and forth. She is a very nice person and I think all of you would enjoy reading her blog also and getting to know her better.