My Blog Workspace

One of my blogging topics is to let my readers know more about me, so I decided to share pictures of my blog workspace with you. There is a little alcove in the kitchen where we've set up a computer desk. That is where I do all my blogging work. It's convenient because I can be cooking dinner, baking, or making waffles/pancakes, and still blog. My computer is close enough that while I'm waiting for something to boil or bake, I can still get some work done. The great room is also right behind me so I can turn around and watch something on tv and then turn back around and work on the computer during commercials. My youngest son does his homework in the great room, so I'm nearby when he has a question.

As you can see, I have everything I need at my workstation. My printer/scanner, speakers, Nielsen scanner, cables for hooking up the scanner or camera, phone, papers, and a Swiffer in the background, because that just seemed like the best place to put it.

This is a closer view of the things I use just for blogging. I have my multi-colored pens that I use to complete my monthly blog planner, my sticky notes to keep track of what I do every day so I'm ready for the "my week" post on Sunday, and then lots of papers under my monthly blog planner that help me plan and keep track of what I put on my blog.

What do you have at your blog workstation?