My Week

This week was okay, just a lot to do.

On Monday, I had a huge headache. I tried the essential oil headache roll-on I have, but that didn't work, and it usually does. So, I tried the Be Kool migraine patches I have, and that helped a little bit, but not much. I think I had such a huge headache because of the prescription I'm on for my back pain. It's like aleve, but a prescription form. I have headaches every day, so I used to take Tylenol or Aleve every day. Eventually, I got rebound headaches from taking those every day. I needed to stop taking them, so I started on the essential oils instead. I think since I've been taking that medicine twice a day, it caused that nasty headache. So, since it wasn't really helping my back pain much, I decided to stop taking it.

On Tuesday, I had a lot of baking to do. I had to make our muffins for breakfast, enough for the week; and our dessert for the week. I mixed up the batter for the muffins and got them in the oven, and then made the batter for the dessert while the muffins baked. As soon as they were done, I put the dessert in the oven. Lots of work, but then I don't have to make them again until next week.

On Wednesday, I subbed in a 2nd grade class. One of the students asked me if I knew her cousin, and I do! He was one of my American Sign Language students at the high school. I also taught the other cousin she asked me about. She was so excited that I knew them. She talked to me on and off for the rest of the day. It was a neat connection. The dr.'s office hadn't called back to answer my questions about my xray yet, and they should've had my lab results by now, so I called them. They hadn't put the note in for me to get a call back, and the lab results were in. So, again, they told me someone would call me back.

On Thursday, I subbed in the same kindergarten class I'd subbed in on Monday. It's always nice to see familiar faces and to be familiar with the class routine. However, the teacher was assessing students so he was in and out of the classroom all day, and then he was just in a little room in between the classes with a window in the door. Once in awhile when I looked in that direction, he was looking at me. I always feel uncomfortable in that situation, unless I know the teacher well. I'm always afraid they're constantly judging me. They probably aren't, but it always makes me really self-conscious.

On Friday, I subbed in a first grade class for the teacher I worked with all last year. She was also assessing kids and working on report cards, but because I know her very well, it didn't bother me to have her in the classroom. We actually work together really well, and it made both of us miss how it was last year when we worked together every day. I received an email from the dr.'s office saying the dr. sent me a message through the online portal. He said my lab results show my organs are working well, but they do show inflammation. So, he said the physical therapy should help. So, I still don't have any answers to my questions I wanted to ask, and I still have to wait for physical therapy to call me.

On Saturday, I went grocery shopping, cleaned, went to Costco, and then had to go on a few more errands in the afternoon. It was a very busy day.

So, how was your week?