My St. Patrick's Day Tissue Box

One of the other new things I want to talk about this year is the things I make. I used to have an Etsy business where I sold things for the home and gift items, that were made out of plastic canvas. I also sold buttons and magnets. Unfortunately, I had to close my shop about a year and a half ago because I wasn't making enough money selling my things. I really miss it and the people. However, I still love making things, so I decided to make some things for our house. It saves money on buying decorations, it gives me something to do for about an hour at night while I watch t.v., and I still get to craft. Since I don't have that much time each night to craft, I'm very slow at making things. I'm often behind a whole month! I like to have a theme for my home decorations every month, so I'm making things to go with that theme. This year my goal is to make a tissue box for every month. Well, I just finally finished my St. Patrick's Day tissue box, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Here you can see what both sides of the tissue box look like.

Here's a view of the shamrock side. That's our favorite side.

Here's a view of the Leprechaun side. My daughter thinks the eyes look really weird. Everything I make is from a pattern book, because I'm not creative enough to come up with patterns on my own. So, if it looks weird, I can always blame it on the pattern. Ha!

Here is the top of the tissue box.

I'm glad I finally finished it, and since I'm just starting the Easter tissue box, this St. Patrick's Day one will probably be on our counter most of April!