My Week

This week actually turned out to be pretty good.

On Monday and Tuesday, I subbed in a 4th grade class at my son's school. I've subbed in that classroom before, so the kids already know me. They behaved pretty well, until about the last 15 minutes, but that's expected because they're ready to go home.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I subbed in a 2nd grade class at a school I've subbed at often. I actually will be subbing for this teacher long term, until the 17th; she was picked for jury duty. The teacher in the class next to her, recommended me for the job! I've subbed for that teacher often, and she's a good friend of the teacher I worked with all last year. The class had a rough first day, because I was already the third sub they had. So, I had to be pretty tough the first day so that they knew I expected them to follow the rules. The second day, was much better.

On Friday, I subbed in an English class at the high school. I had 10th and 11th graders, and a lot of them were the kids I had in my sign language class. A few were happy to see me again, and some weren't. Amazingly, a couple of the boys that really gave me trouble in the sign language class, did an excellent job for me in that English class.

On Saturday, I hurt myself 4 times, ran errands, cleaned, baked and went to dinner at my parents' house. I started off the day by getting conditioner in my eye while I took a shower and something else I can't remember(I hate then when I can't remember things). While shopping at Walmart, I was looking for foundation powder. I bent down to look at it closer and when I stood up, I banged my head on the price checker, which knocked me off my feet and into a sitting position on the floor, which hurt my back(since it's already injured). My kids weren't sure what to do, I think they were embarrassed, so an older lady kept asking me if I was okay. She was very kind. I was okay, just a little sore. Then, while cleaning my shower, I banged my elbow hard into the shower door frame. Ow!

So, how was your week?