My Week

This week was full of ups and downs. I also have another cold, unfortunately. I just got over my other cold that lasted 3 weeks, and then now this! It's the hazards of a substitute teacher.

On Monday, it was a rainy day. We need the rain here in CA, but it sure makes for a miserable school day. The kids are stuck inside all day and so are the teachers. We don't get a morning break, and the lunch is shortened. Plus, I eat lunch in the classroom, so I was in there with the kids. Also, I had a little trouble with a special ed student. He came in the computer lab to spend time in a regular classroom. After 5 minutes, he logged off and was sitting there with his head in his hands. I thought something had happened, so I asked him why he wasn't on ST Math anymore. He said he didn't want to, and when I told him that's what the class was doing right now, he screamed, "NO!" at me and hit me with his jacket. Then, he just kept screaming and started to swing his crutches. I had another student get his teacher and they had to let him cool off outside.

On Tuesday, the class was really noisy. It's the long-term class I've been in, so I thought they would be better by now, but I guess they were just full of energy after being inside all day Monday.

On Wednesday, the class was fine. We actually had a good day together. I finally started physical therapy for my back this day! They assessed my range of movement and found out it's not much. He said I have lots of knots and tight muscles on the side my injury is on. So, first, I had to have electrode therapy and heat applied. After that, he showed me a couple of exercises to do at home every day.

On Thursday, a girl in my class asked me why I wear the same clothes every day. I was taking off my jacket when she said that, so at first I thought she meant my jacket and sweater, so I told her I only had one jacket and sweater, didn't she? (I am in a low income school, so I thought the answer would be yes.) Amazingly, she said she has 3 jackets! Then she said she did mean that, but she also meant why do I wear the same outfit every day. I told her I only had 5 skirt and shirt outfits to wear for work, so I have to just repeat them every week. I know kids ask things innocently, but it still did embarrass me and hurt my feelings a little bit.

On Friday, there's no court so the teacher doesn't have jury duty; so I subbed at a different school for another second grade class. This class was pretty rough and really made me appreciate my other class. It rained in the afternoon, but I still went on my walk. I walked to CVS to pick up my son's allergy medicine. They had given him the wrong one, the generic instead of the brand(any changes to his medicine can make him sick), so I had to wait while they got the correct one. Since I was standing there dripping wet, they didn't make me wait long.

On Saturday, I did my usual - lots of cleaning and cooking.