My Week

This week wasn't too bad.

On Monday, I was in my son's class. The teacher I was a long-term sub for, agreed ahead of time, to let me keep this sub job, and she would find another sub for this one day. I really enjoy being in his class because I get to see what the other students are like that he's around all day, and I get to see what a typical day is like in his class. It rained on our way to school, but thankfully no rainy day scheduled had to be called.

On Tuesday, I went back to my long-term sub class, and several kids gave me huge hugs and told me they missed me. That really made me feel great.

On Wednesday, I was in the same class, and we had a pretty good day. Unfortunately, my son didn't have such a great day. At lunch, someone through mud and it got in his hair. His friend tried to get it out and ended up knocking over my son's yogurt all over his clothes. He had to go to the school nurse. She got the mud out of his hair and gave him a new set of clothes. They never found out who threw the mud, so no one got in trouble for it. The nurse let him finish eating his lunch in the office; she said where it was safe. I also had my second physical therapy session, and boy did it hurt! He said I was still super tight, so he tried to loosen it by really working the muscles for half an hour. He had to stop a few times because his hands were so tired from trying to get my muscles loose. It didn't help very much, so I received electrotherapy and heat again, followed by a few exercises. I think he's getting frustrated with my case.

On Thursday, it was the last day of my long-term sub job. It was a little sad leaving the students, since I spent the last 3 weeks with them, but I know I'll see them again when I sub at the school, and probably even in their class again.

On Friday, I was in a first grade class at a different school. The last time I subbed in that class was last September! The class was really good in the morning, but after the computer lab in the afternoon, you could definitely tell it was only an hour until time to go home for the weekend!

On Saturday, we were super busy. My daughter had a music festival to go to with her advanced string orchestra. Since it was on a weekend, only 2 first violins showed up! I don't know how many total students were there. I had to go grocery shopping and did my usual cleaning. After we picked up my daughter from school, we had to drop her off at someone's house because my daughter was asked by the principal to help tutor some kids in AP Statistics. While she was there, my husband and I went to Costco. I had a little more cleaning to do, he picked up our daughter, and then I cooked dinner. I was so tired at this point, that I accidentally dumped the wrong ingredient in the dinner! It was Italian turkey skillet, so I dumped in the 2 cans of Italian diced tomatoes. Well, that was for tomorrow night's dinner! This dinner called for regular diced tomatoes and some herbs instead. I quickly dumped out most of those tomatoes, and put in the correct ones. Thankfully the dinner turned out fine, although it was a little late.

So, how was your week?