My Week

My week was pretty good, until Friday. That was a rough day!

On Monday, I subbed at the high school in the orchestra and band classes. They watched Jurassic World, which I have no desire to watch. So, I just sat in the dark, trying to find what little light I could and read magazines, while the same hour of the movie played 5 different times for 5 different classes.

On Tuesday, I subbed for the teacher I worked with last year. It's also the same school where I just finished that long-term sub job. Those kids were so happy to see me, that they gave me huge hugs!

On Wednesday, I subbed at the high school in an 11th grade English class, and 2 12th grade AP English classes. The school is on block schedule for practice state testing, so I only had 3 classes, 2 hours each. All of them were good classes, so it was a nice day. In the first class, they took a test and then watched a biography on the author of The Great Gatsby. That was actually interesting to watch. The 12th grade classes took a test, and worked on an assignment.

On Thursday, I was back at the same elementary school I was at on Tuesday. I was supposed to sub in a different 2nd grade class, but when I told the other sub she had a good class since I had just subbed there for 3 weeks, she said we should switch classes. The office was fine with it. The kids were so happy we switched, because a lot of them said they missed me!

On Friday, it was a crazy day! I was taking my daughter to the high school, and a car almost pulled out right in front of us! I had to slam on my brakes and honk my horn. I subbed at a different elementary school in first grade. It was a talkative class! The day was difficult too because things had to be rearranged for an "Olympics" event in the afternoon. The kids enjoyed participating in the different events, but it lasted much longer than expected. They even had to cancel the last event because they ran out of time. On my way to pick up my kids from school, I saw a pickup truck cut off another car while changing lanes, and it actually clipped the car! I let them pull over in front of me, but the truck didn't actually pull over. It turned the corner, so I thought it would pull over there, but it kept going! I was stopped by a light, so I don't know if the car ever caught up to the truck or not. Then, on my afternoon walk, I saw a snake! It was coiled up on the sidewalk. It wasn't moving, so I assume it was dead, but I didn't want to take any chances. So, on my way back, I went on the other side of the street. I was so glad when this day was over!

On Saturday, I cleaned, and we colored Easter eggs.

So, how was your week?