Fam Fave Digital Thermometer Review #BestBabyThermometer

I was excited to be able to review the Fam Fave Digital Thermometer because I haven't found a thermometer I'm happy with yet. They never seem to work quite right, so I was looking forward to seeing how this one works. The FamFave advanced digital thermometer for babies, children and adults features:
FAST results - average 10 to 25 seconds - proven accurate in extensive tests within 0.2 degrees F - beeps when done
LARGE lighted LCD Display - visible in dark room
FLEXIBLE Tip - Safe and painless for babies and all ages
WATERPROOF - Automatic turn off - battery included - memory display of latest reading
GUARANTEED - 100% money back - no questions asked directly from Amazon
PORTABLE - comes with plastic case for easy carrying in purse or diaper
MEASURE - in F or C degrees - push button switchable

Here's the thermometer and the nice case it comes in. It's very easy to remove and put back in.

I decided to try it out on me first. It says to clean it before you use it, so I just wiped it down with some rubbing alcohol on a kleenex. The thermometer is very easy to use. I just pushed the big white button to turn it on and waited for the "L" to show up. When it did, I stuck the thermometer under my tongue and started counting. It really did only take 25 seconds to take my temperature! When the beeping stopped I removed the thermometer and took the picture. It did have a really nice green back light, but that was gone by the time I could snap the picture. At least you can still see the large display. I really like the large display, because I wear glasses and most thermometers are too small to read. This one is very easy for me to see. I also noticed how comfortable the tip is in my mouth. It's soft and feels nice, which would be a nice benefit when your child is sick. I am very pleased with how this thermometer works and will definitely keep using this in the future for myself and my children.

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Here's the link so you can buy it onAmazon.

I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed are my own.