My Week

This week was Spring Break for 2 kids, but not for the 3rd one in college. The rest of us had a nice, busy week together.

On Monday, my 17 year old daughter got her driver's license! I had a dentist appointment for my 6 month cleaning, and didn't have any cavities. The dentist is always nice and knew I was a Christian, so we had a good talk about some tough things in the world our kids are facing as they're growing up. Then, my daughter had an orthodontist appointment. We thought she was supposed to be fitted for her final retainer, but it didn't work out that way. She still has a small gap in between 2 bottom teeth that they're trying to close. So, she'll have to go back in 2 weeks. All 3 of those appointments were done before lunch! After lunch, I put some of our 2015 pictures in our photo albums and my 9 year old son and I played ball in the backyard(we don't usually have time for that on a school day).

On Tuesday, I finished putting the 2015 pictures in our photo albums, did a bank statement, played a couple of games with my son, did some spring cleaning in my room, and did some yard work.

On Wednesday, I did spring cleaning on our master closet, went to physical therapy, and all 3 of us played outside. My physical therapy is going well and he thinks next week should be the last.

On Thursday, I did spring cleaning on the drawers and cupboards in my master bath, which also led to me doing the same in my kids' bathroom. I went to put some of the toothpaste in their cupboards, and saw what a mess it was, and ended up cleaning it out. It's funny how one project leads to another! I completed my grocery list, and the three of us played Skip Bo Deluxe together. I used to love playing Skip Bo growing up, so it was fun to play it again.

On Friday, I had to do the things I normally do on Saturday because we had something else to do that day. So, we went grocery shopping, I cleaned the house, went to Costco, and had to cook dinner and dessert. It was a tiring day.

On Saturday, my husband, daughter and I went to Triton Day at UC San Diego. It's a day for high school seniors who have been accepted into the university, and their parents, to come and listen to lots of topics about the school and its programs, and go on a tour. They're trying to convince you to attend their school. We didn't have a chance to go listen to all the topics we wanted, but we did have a chance to hear from some of the professors. Most of the day was just okay, but she did like how enthusiastic the math professors were about teaching math. She still hasn't decided if she wants to attend there or UC Berkeley.

So, how was your week? Have you ever played Skip Bo? Have your kids had to go through tough decisions about which college to attend?