My Week

This week, I was at a different school almost every day. I always have to make sure I think of what school I'm going to before I leave, and don't just run on automatic, so I don't end up at the wrong school.

On Monday, I was at the first grade class that I was in the Friday before Spring Break. They are used to me, so it was a very nice day.

On Tuesday, I was in a 2nd grade class that I've been at once before. This time, the kids were much more talkative than they were before. Some kids even had to move their clips down all the way to "contact parent," but even that didn't quiet them down.

On Wednesday, I didn't have a job, but luckily it's only a half day. So, I reconciled the March bank statement, completed a product review, and caught up on email. I also went to physical therapy in the afternoon. Last time he said it would be my last session, but my back hasn't improved enough, so I still have to go there next week. This time he gave me a band to stick in the door at home, to use for my exercises.

On Thursday, I was at a first grade class that I haven't been to before. The kids were really good whenever they were on the rug, but when they went back to their desks to work, they got noisy. My daughter said, I should've just had them do their work at the carpet!

On Friday, I was in my son's 3rd grade class. That's always nice since the kids all know me. My teenage daughter and husband left after school for a 10 hour trip to go visit UC Berkeley. That's one of the school's she was accepted at, so Saturday was their day to try and "woo" students to choose their university. They got there at 1:30 in the morning. They stayed with my mother-in-law. I thought the trip would help, but she still can't decide which university to choose.

On Saturday, my older son had to take me to pick up my van(my husband left it at the dealer the day before for an oil change), then I went grocery shopping, cleaned and cooked. My parents came over for dinner.

How was your week? Do you have a child trying to pick what college to go to this year?