My Week

I had a very nice work week.

On Monday and Tuesday, I was in a 2nd grade class, right next door to my son's class. I've subbed in this class before, so the kids know me and I know their routine.

On Wednesday, I was in that same class, so I had another nice day. At home, it was very busy, though. As soon as my son and I got out of school, we headed to the library, so he could return his books and check out some new ones. We were home for about 15 minutes(while home, we threw the food, I cut earlier in the morning, into the crockpot for dinner), then had to pick up my daughter from school. We were home for 5 minutes and had to head out to her orthodontist appointment. She had her teeth scanned so they can make a mold of her teeth, and make her final retainer. 20 minutes after coming home(while home, I started the rice and made a quick snack for everyone), I had to head out to my physical therapist. Thankfully, the therapist said I don't have to come back for 2 weeks this time. When I got home, I had to make the vegetables for dinner. I was exhausted at the end of the day!

On Thursday, I didn't get a job for the morning, so I did my grocery list. In the afternoon, I was in that same 2nd grade class.

On Friday, I subbed for a teacher at the high school. I've subbed in that class several times, and since she's a co-teacher, I just have to monitor the students while the other teacher instructs them. That was a nice, easy day. That night, my husband, daughter, and I talked about her college decision, but she still hasn't decided. She has to decide by May 1!

On Saturday, we went grocery shopping, I cleaned the house, made cinnamon rolls, and did yard work.

How was your week?