How I Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

Since I've been introducing new blog topics over the past few months, I decided to let you know how I come up with these new blog post ideas. First, I wrote down a list of blog ideas so that when it comes time to write a new post, I already have a whole bunch to choose from and I don't just have to think of one right then. Some of the ideas are just things I enjoy writing about, like my family. Others are things I'm passionate about, like saving money and heart health. Some of them are topics I saw on other blogs and enjoyed reading, so decided to write about them too.

I saw a post on a blog that has a list of 27 blog topics. It's on Market Your Creativity. You should check it out, it's an inspiring post!

Carzoo Critters had a giant list of blog topics that I printed out, but it's not on the blog anymore, and in fact, there aren't any posts on that blog anymore.

Those posts were from 2010 and 2014, so you can see, that I'm getting a late start on my ideas. Every year, I want to improve my blog by writing posts more often and writing them about a variety of topics, but then life gets too busy and I don't get the chance. This year, I've been able to find a little more time and have finally been able to write some more.

So, now you know where I find my blog post ideas. Where do you find yours?