My Easter Tissue Box Cover

Finally, now that May is almost over, I finished my Easter tissue box cover!

Here you can see two sides of the tissue box.

Each side has different colored eggs with various patterns on them.

I tried to match the bottom color of one egg with the top color of the egg on the next side.

I also tried to match similar color eggs on the same side.

I also matched all the yarn colors together before I started to make sure they all went together with each other and the background color.

The top is just all one color.

I didn't have an Easter egg tissue box pattern so I had to get creative. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I have to have a pattern for everything, so for this tissue box cover, I combined two patterns. I had a pattern for the tissue box, although it's supposed to be done in all white. I also had a pattern for the Easter eggs, which are supposed to be magnets. So, I just made the background a kind of teal color and then made the pastel colored Easter eggs and glued them on. So, now we'll have this on our counter, probably until June, when I finish the May tissue box!