My Week

This was a tough week. There were tough decisions to be made and lots of studying for tests, so it was pretty stressful around here. None of us got much sleep.

On Monday, I didn't have a job so I looked through my snack recipes for new ideas for afternoon snacks, cleaned up things around the house, went through my email, painted my nails and watched a show. I don't usually have time to paint my nails, but since I had the day off, I decided to do it. My nails looked much prettier under the projector screen this week at school. I also usually only watch shows I record at night, but since I had already finished what needed to be done, I decided to watch one. I felt guilty though, because I felt like I should be doing something else.

On Tuesday, I was in a kindergarten class that I've been in before. The kids are well-behaved and I'm familiar with their routine, so it was a nice day.

On Wednesday, I was in a first grade class that I've been in several times this year. I also was able to eat lunch with the teacher I worked with last year, since she works at this school, and we had a really nice conversation.

On Thursday and Friday, I was in the second grade class I worked at for 3 weeks earlier this year. The kids were happy to see me again and said they missed me. On Thursday, it was their Student of the Month assembly and the teacher had left me a page to read for each kid that won the award; thankfully it was only 2 kids. I had to use a microphone and talk in front of the other teachers, staff, principal, students and family members. I was so nervous! I just looked at the kids while I talked so that helped me stay calm. On Friday, one of the students wrote me a nice note telling me how much she missed me and how much she loved having me as a sub. She also said she wants to me teach them "silent language" (sign language).

On Saturday, I had to run errands, clean, make pancakes, and we went to my parents' house for dinner. This was also our big decision day. My daughter only had one more day to decide which college she would attend - she chose UC San Diego. Her younger brother and I are happy about it because she'll be able to still live at home and just commute to school. This was such a tough choice for her; she really struggled over the pros and cons and did lots of research about both universities. She prayed a lot too, and was finally able to make the choice.

We also had decided earlier in the week that it's time for us to leave our church and look for another one. This was a choice we were hoping to be able to put off until after school ended, since my poor daughter already had enough stress in her life, but it became very evident that we needed to make that decision now.

So, it was a rough week for us. How was your week?