My Week

Some of this week was a little rough and some of it was pretty good.

On Monday, I was in a second grade at my son's school. There are 2 boys in this class that are pretty hard to deal with. They're constantly talking out, wandering around the room, fussing at each other and other students, talking back, and not working. They also enjoyed calling me "old lady" all day. They both got their clips moved all the way down to "contact parent."

On Tuesday, I didn't have a morning job, so I just did things around the house. In the afternoon, I was in a fourth grade class at my son's school. The teacher is very kind, and the class behaved well.

On Wednesday, I was in a first grade class I haven't been in before. They were really good at first, but quickly turned into a talkative mess. Kids were fussing at each other, kids were crying, whew! I was glad it was a short day.

On Thursday, I was in my usual first grade class of the teacher I worked with last year. Those kids and I always have a good day together.

On Friday, I was in my son's class, so that's always a nice day.

Three of the five days, the teachers were in and out of the classroom because they were assessing the students. That always makes me nervous, because I don't want to be doing the wrong thing; something the teacher would never do or want me to do. Luckily, most of them are really good and realize if the kids are a little noisy, it's the kids' fault, and not mine.

On Saturday, I did my usual cleaning and running errands. The NASCAR All-Star race was in the evening, and my older son and I enjoyed watching that together.

So, how was your week?