My Week

This week was pretty interesting.

On Monday, I was in a kindergarten class at my son's school. I helped in the morning class and taught in the afternoon class. The morning class went to a musical, so I just had to work with a mom and help organize the kids' memory books. That sure brought back lots of memories of my son's time in kindergarten. The afternoon class was really well-behaved, so that was nice. Although, there were a few tears due to some drama between girls, but that's expected in kindergarten.

On Tuesday, I subbed for my daughter for the last time. She's graduating from high school, and this was her last official week in school. Next week is different Senior events. I subbed in her AP Statistics class. The teacher also has 2 other Math classes; one of them is a little rough, but it was worth it to be in her class one last time.

On Wednesday, I was in my usual first grade class with the teacher I was with last year. It was another good day, and because it was probably my last day in her class this school year, the kids and I had some good conversations.

On Thursday, I couldn't take a job because I had a doctor's appointment for my back. He is referring me for an MRI, since the physical therapy didn't help. He gave me a couple of other stretching exercises to do, to see if the help in the meantime. It will take about 10 days for the insurance to approve the MRI.

On Friday, I was in a first grade class in my son's school. I've been in this class only one other time this year, and they are a rough class! That doesn't usual happen at my son's school, so it's a unique situation to deal with here. I started off the day, telling them I remembered last time, and they weren't going to behave that way again. They were pretty good in the morning, but then after recess they were crazy! After lunch, I told them they lost computer time and if they continued to misbehave, they would lose more computer time. They wrote for 40 minutes in complete silence! That is a trick I'll have to remember for next time.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. We went to my parent's house for dinner.