GMETAL-5 Dual Function Lantern Flashlight 500 lms Review #gmetal5

I was excited to be able to review this GMETAL-5 Dual Function Lantern Flashlight because we like to have lots of flashlights in our house in case of emergencies. So, anytime we see a new flashlight, it's tempting to buy it. As you can see, this flashlight comes with a charger, nicely packaged in a nice box surrounded by foam.

The Gmetal-5 delivers a maximum 500 lumen output as a flashlight and a lantern. The flashlight has 3 modes: High 500lms/Low 300lms/Strobe 500lms, which scrolls through with a single click. They are all activated in seconds. Stand the Gmetal-5 upright or hook the lanyard to let it hang for total hands free lantern capabiility. Strike Bezel ends + Blinding 500 Lumens for protection in emergency situations. Also perfect for lighting up entire rooms or for close range area making this the most versatile lighting tool to keep around. Perfect for all outdoor activities - camping, hiking, biking, running, working in the fields - a perfect companion for hunters, divers (as it's waterproof), police officers, forest guards, parents, night shift workers.

A perfect tool not only for illuminating your surroundings, and protecting your livelihood, but also a trusted friend for emergencies and for difficult situations.

Lightweight and durable, waterproof and strong, with rechargeable battery - just plug the USB cable and charge within a few hours. 50,000 Hours of Use - Cree XPE LED allow this compact EDC flashlight/lantern to deliver a max 500 Lumens of raw blinding lighting power.

This item comes also with a 2 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty! All repairs, replacement, and labor are free of charge for 2 years. After 2 years we won't charge for labor, but only the cost of the repair and replacement.

As you can see, this flashlight is really bright! It will definitely light up any area you need to see. Sometimes, I end up having to take my walk at night and we don't have any streetlights surrounding my neighborhood, so this flashlight would be very helpful to have on my walk. Also, whenever it's cold, my tire pressure light comes on in my van and my husband has to inflate the tires when he comes home after work. This flashlight would definitely provide him with plenty of light to get the job done. Sometimes my husband and son go camping with the boy scouts, so they could bring this flashlight with them. There are so many uses for this flashlight! It will definitely be a very useful tool for us to have in our home.

If you want to check out this flashlight for yourself, here's a link to it on the Night Provision website. I think it would also make a great Father's Day gift. I know my husband and dad would both love to have one!

I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed are my own.