My Week

This was the last week of school for 2 of my kids, so it was a pretty good week.

On Monday, we all had it off for Memorial Day. We need new blinds in our bedroom, so we spent a couple of hours looking for new blinds or curtains, but didn't have any success.

On Tuesday, my daughter, who's a high school senior, just had to go to school for about an hour for Senior Check Out. The Vice Principal talked for a little bit, then they all had to wait in a long line to be told they were cleared for graduation. We also spent the day preparing the house for my mother-in-law's visit.

On Wednesday, my daughter and I went to my son's third grade class and helped them make a castle. This went along with their recent study of various fairy tales. The above pictures are of the inside and outside of the castle. The 3 kids in the group had to bring in cardboard boxes and other supplies to make the castle. The teacher provided the paint. Since it was a group of boys, they also brought Legos to put as guards in front of the castle, and various figures for the inside. We had a lot of fun! In the afternoon, my mother-in-law arrived. She wanted to come for my daughter's graduation.

On Thursday, my daughter graduated with honors from high school, with a 4.67 GPA! The top picture is me, my daughter, my son, and mother-in-law, and the bottom picture is my husband with them. We were blessed to have friends who gave us some of their extra tickets, so we could sit on the field for graduation.

On Friday, my daughter had a rough start to her first day after graduation. She took off her retainer, and a piece of her tooth came off, leaving a pretty big hole in her tooth! The orthodontist said they couldn't do anything, that a dentist would have to fix it. The dentist said the tooth was more than likely weakened by the "button" the orthodontist had previously put on for some extra orthodontist work, and that's what caused the hole when she pulled of her retainer. He had to fill it in, and he'll contact the orthodontist to discuss his fault in this. She's had so many weird things happen to her with her orthodontist treatment; so much so, that 2 years has turned in to 6 years of treatment so far! In the afternoon, she had an interview at Legoland, while she was still numb! She worked there last year in the summer, for the grounds department. This year she was interviewing for a different position. She should find out next week if she got the job or not.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. I went to 4 different stores to get the best deals. Pictured above, is my Vons shopping trip. I bought 4 cereals and 1 bag of cookies for only $6.87! I saved $14.08, which is 67%! I wanted to share this with you because the cashier and bagger were so excited about my savings. The cashier told the bagger that if you combine store sales and coupons that's how you get such good deals. The bagger was surprised that I got all of that for the normal every day price for a box of cereal($5.29). She said she was going to have to buy some cereal herself later.

We also, went shopping for blinds again and finally found some. These are our old white blinds. You can see that a piece is missing out of one of the blinds. You can't see that all except one of the four blinds we have in the main part of our room, are all missing their strings. My husband has re-strung them more than once, but after 14 years, they finally just totally broke.

Here are our new blinds. They are real wood blinds, made from golden oak. They were very affordable. We wanted room-darkening blinds this time because the white ones just let in too much light - so much that it would wake me up at 5:30 in the morning, even on days when I didn't need to get up that early. The new blinds look really nice, and our room was darker this morning.

So, how was your week? Anyone else have a high school graduate in your house?