My Week

This week I'm trying something different. I'm going to write on this post every day, that way it's easier to remember what happened, and I don't have to write it all on Sunday.

On Monday, after my morning walk, I made chex mix muddy buddies. Then we went to the library and Barnes and Noble to get my son's reading prizes. We went to Big 5 and Costco to buy my husband some running shorts and golf balls, for father's day. Then we went to the Dollar Tree to buy cards for my dad and husband(I love their $.50 cards!), and wrapping paper for my daughter's friend's birthday present. After lunch I made pancakes for the week.

Then, I cleaned my desk area. This is the before picture. As you can see, I use every bit of space in this area.

Here is the after picture. My daughter couldn't believe how empty it was! I had my craft business things in the file cabinet on the left, and since I don't sell on Etsy anymore, I boxed up all of that info. and put it in the garage. Then, I put a lot of the papers that were on my desk and t.v., into those drawers. I also cleared up some room in my desk drawers for the paper clips(I was always knocking the container off my desk and the paper clips would fall behind), post it notes, and notepads that were on my desk.

On Tuesday, my son and I cleaned half of his closet. It's amazing how many books he has! Then, we took my daughter to a job interview. While waiting, we walked around and got a couple of things in Trader Joe's and looked at a nice fountain area they had.

Last night, after my husband saw how nice my desk looked, he said it would be nice if I worked on the dresser tomorrow. So, that's what I did. I took everything off, cleaned the mirror and top of the dresser, then evaluated what was on there. I sorted the loose change in the small coin sorter we have. I moved the receipts and bank statement to the top of my file cabinet. I put the kids' school paper folders in my file cabinet that I cleared out yesterday(after going through the folders and clearing out old papers first). Then, I noticed the picture album had empty spaces, so I found some miscellaneous pictures and put them in there. While doing that, I remembered there's a picture frame downstairs with space for 3 more pictures, so I filled that up too. It's amazing how one project can turn into so many little projects!

So, here's the after picture. The only things on it are 2 picture frames, a hanging photo album, a turtle figurine my husband picked up on a work trip, and a small container for his change. When he comes home tonight, I hope he likes it.

On Wednesday, in the morning we cleaned the rest of my son's closet and his bookshelf. Then, I reconciled my bank statement and went through the store circulars. In the afternoon, I organized my desk drawers and dresser drawers. Since it's just papers and clothes/undergarments, I didn't take any pictures. Later, my son and I played Frisbee. The Frisbee hit my ankle really hard and it instantly swelled up in a lump and bruised, so I put ice on it. I'm sure it's fine, but I'll probably still have the bruise tomorrow. Oh, the fun of being 45!

On Thursday, we cleaned my son's dresser top in the morning. That took awhile because he has a lot of loose pins and lanyards there, so I decided to make a box for them. We found a box, cut off the flaps, decorated the outside with scrapbook paper, and used the flaps for dividers. Then, I made the grocery list and meal plan for next week.

After lunch, I decided it was time to tackle the food cupboard. It's not really a pantry, because it's in the hallway next to the garage, but we use the bottom half to store snacks. I took everything off all the shelves and decided how I was going to organize them.

I ordered some baskets with my birthday money, just for this project. So, after everything was organized, I took them out of their boxes and put them in the baskets. I had to rearrange where some snacks had been and put them on different shelves to make it work. I also had toilet paper in here, why it was here with the food, I don't know, so I relocated it to the garage. When everything was in the baskets, I put them back on the shelves. I would like to have one more basket for the bottom shelf; maybe next birthday. I think it turned out pretty good.

On Friday, my daughter went to a mandatory orientation at UCSD. My younger son did division flashcards and then we worked on a puzzle. I baked a dessert. In the afternoon, I straightened up the master bath drawers.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. In the afternoon, I brought my dad his Father's Day present and stayed there for awhile visiting.

How was your week?