Powerful Odor Eliminator 200g Bag by Moody Zook Review #moodyzookboss

I was excited to be able to review this Powerful Odor Eliminator 200g Bag by Moody Zook because I need a way to eliminate odors in my house, that won't bother allergies. I've tried other air freshener products, but a lot of them bother my kids' allergies, so I needed a better solution.

Here is the product description from the company:
Let's be honest... Your home doesn't always smell great. At Moody Zook, we believe your home should smell as wonderful as a picnic on a Sunday. We're not judging you, but your air quality is important. Moody Zook's 200g Activated Charcoal bag will make your stinky home smell fresh while purifying the air quality and absorbing moisture. It can be placed in your fridge to prevent mold or even near your cat's litter box. This bag contains 100% natural activated charcoal, which is a natural dehumidifier that lasts for years. This product will STOP harmful bacteria from forming, preventing fungus and mold, and purifying the air you breathe. Make your home smell fresh 24/7. Trust us. You'll be glad you did!

I decided to see if this odor eliminator could tackle our biggest odor problem, our entry way closet. Its where everyone puts their shoes and jackets. It's really nice that this bag has a hook, because I was able to hook it on a hanger, and just hang it in our closet. It's been in there for about a week now, and what a difference it's made! Actually, I noticed the difference after the first day! The closet doesn't smell like stinky shoes anymore. I can actually walk in the house, and not be greeted by a yucky smell anymore. It's really nice! I was so excited that it worked, and just in time for my mother-in-law's visit. The odor eliminator bag doesn't bother anyone's allergies either. This is something I'll definitely keep around and probably use to tackle other areas of the house too.

If you want to check out this bag for yourself, here's a link to it on Amazon. It currently sells for $10.95 and if you have Amazon Prime, it's free shipping. I think it's a great price for the wonderful job it does!

I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed are my own.