My Week

On Monday, in the morning we cleaned my son's toy chest, then I made cinnamon rolls for the week and went through my recipe box and cleaned out recipes we'll never try. In the afternoon, I cleaned out the clothes in my closet, and straightened up my husband's side. My daughter had an orthodontist appointment for a retainer check, and everything was fine. She doesn't have to go back for 6 months. My youngest son and I started a new puzzle.

On Tuesday, in the morning we went through some of my son's school work from the year before, and then I finished going through my recipe box. My dad wanted us to join him and my mom at the park for lunch and to play for a couple of hours, so we did that. In the afternoon, I went through my scrapbook stuff in my closet. I don't scrapbook anymore, but we use the paper and stickers to make homemade cards. Later, I did yard work in the backyard for a little over an hour.

On Wednesday, my son and I had some excitement during our morning walk. They were cutting the trees, so we crossed to walk on the other side of the road. Good thing, because soon the guy yelled, "Look out!" and a huge part of the tree came rolling down and landed in the street! It just missed their trucks and another worker. Later, I went through the store circulars and looked through some after school snack recipes I had pinned on Pinterest. I printed a few out to use in the future. After lunch, we went to the library so my son could get his weekly prize from the reading program. Then I cleaned out one of the kitchen cupboards. I did pretty good - there were only about 4 things that had expired.

On Thursday, I decided to make my usual walk longer, so I went a different way. I didn't realize it was all uphill coming back! Then, I did the grocery list and made muffins for breakfast for the week. In the afternoon, I cleaned out some more kitchen cupboards and did some yard work. Our next door neighbors are moving out, and today was their last day. As they were taking out their final things, the carpet was being cleaned and the workers were repairing the fence and other things. While all that was going on, a uhaul drove up because the next family was moving in!

On Friday, my husband took the day off to prepare for our garage sale. In the morning, the kids and I went grocery shopping while he went on a 3 hour run. After lunch, and until late at night, we prepared for the sale. We just had things piled on tables in the garage, so we brought them all inside and placed like things together. Then we priced them and brought them back out with like things on the same tables. We ended up with 5 tables of things to sell and lots of tubs of books. We also had lots of clothes.

On Saturday, we started setting up at 6:30 am. While my husband was putting up the signs, people already started arriving! We weren't sure how many people we'd get since it was the Fourth of July weekend and our city was having a parade that morning. We were hoping, though, since pay day was the 30th, we'd have sales. Well, we had a pretty good, steady flow of people all morning. Our next door neighbors are moving in, so he had to navigate the uhaul around all the people parked everywhere while stopped at our sale. Well, we ended up selling a lot of our things and made almost $500! My husband took most of the left over things to a women's resource center. He kept a little bit for our next sale.

So, how was your week?