My Week

On Monday, we went for our walk and enjoyed seeing the progress on the playground at my son's elementary school. Then, I headed to the hospital to visit my mom. She's doing about the same, although she did walk a little bit today. She's still in lots of pain and very tired. I came home in time to cook dinner and do the dishes. I try to at least look at my email at night.

On Tuesday, after my walk, I spent about 8 hours at the hospital, visiting my mom. She's doing a little better and will get to eat some soft foods for breakfast tomorrow. She has some interesting people on her same floor. One of them likes to wander the hallways all day and often gets upset and talks like a little kid.

On Wednesday, we went for our walk, and then I headed to the hospital. In the late afternoon, my mom was able to go home! She has to follow up with the doctor in 5-7 days. When we were leaving the hospital, 3 of her nurses were at the desk, and they all came out to say goodbye to her because they said she was a nice lady and they'll miss her. That was very kind!

On Thursday morning, I went for my walk and then made waffles for the week and then did the grocery list. After lunch, I went to visit my mom at their house. She's still in pain, but doing okay. Later in the afternoon, my son and I blew bubbles outside.

On Friday morning, after our walk, I did some cleaning. Since I didn't get to clean last Saturday(since my mom was in the hospital), I did it today. That way I'll be back on track for cleaning tomorrow. After lunch we measured our front yard. Since we're in a drought in CA, we haven't been watering the grass. Well, the homeowner's association sent us a notice saying we needed to replace our grass or send them plans for drought tolerant landscaping. We only have 15 days to respond and by the time we received the notice, we only had a week. So, we're going to send it back saying we are working on plans. It will take us awhile to figure out what to do, but at least we started the first step.

On Saturday, we went grocery shopping, and then I cleaned. We also had to go to Costco, and then I cleaned some more. Saturdays are always busy cleaning days and errand days for me.

So, how was your week?