You Can Join Team Snuggle

The Bear Den is a special community built for people who love all things Snuggle. As a member of Team Snuggle in the Bear Den, you have the opportunity to connect directly with the Snuggle brand. You’ll receive special offers and announcements, share new ideas and get insider access to new content or product information.

"Missions" are special ambassador programs that allow you to experience the Snuggle brand in a fun way. You can qualify for missions by completing surveys, keeping your profile up-to-date and by participating in community activities like discussions. Keep an eye out for invitations. They come soon after you join!

When you're on a mission, all they ask is that you share your thoughts, opinions and experiences- honestly. Your voice matters and they want to hear it! By using your social sharing tools, you can let your friends and followers know about your experience, and earn points and badges for participating.

Points are the virtual currency of Team Snuggle. You can earn points for almost everything you do in the Bear Den, and earn badges for completing various activities. Points and badges increase your chances of receiving future missions and helps qualify you for special offers from the makers of Snuggle!

I'm a member of Team Snuggle - I have the badge on my side bar - and I really enjoy it. I was able to try fabric softener for free. My son enjoyed the Snuggle Bear I received. He's had lots of fun playing with it. We had to take pictures with it around the town and he liked that. I enjoy getting to try new products for free so this is a great team to be a part of.

If you want to check it out for yourself, just click on this Team Snuggle link and you can see what it's all about. Plus, I get points when you click on the link, so I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!