June Summer Tissue Box Cover

I finally finished my June tissue box! It's of course too late to include it in my June decorations for this year, but it will be ready for June next year. All four sides of the tissue box are different. I didn't have a pattern for a summer tissue box, so I combined a few different patterns. The tissue box cover by itself is a pattern I've use before - it's the background for a year round tissue box. I didn't like the June decorations in that pattern, so I used magnet patterns and just glued them on.

I have an ice cream napkin holder, so this ice cream cone goes well with that.

The beach ball doesn't really match the rest of my decorations, but I liked it, and it does go with summer. Since we like to play ball in the backyard during the summer, I thought this would be good.

The refrigerator handles I have for June also have strawberries on them, so this matches that.

The sun, is of course, a good sign of summer, so I included it.

The top doesn't need anything else on it. I had a hard time choosing the background color. I knew I wanted it to be green, but it was hard to pick what shade of green. I took all the other yarn colors I was going to use, and put them against all my green yarns. This shade seemed to match the best with the majority of the colors.

I think it turned out bright and cheerful and will look nice with all our other June decorations.