My Week

On Monday morning, my son and I went for our walk. On our way, we encountered some gardeners. One of them was using the blower, and I thought he would see us, so we stayed back and waited; but then, he turned our way and blew all of the dirt and leaves! My eyes watered like crazy and my poor son was snorting and sneezing! The gardener apologized and then ran ahead to clear the path. After that, I made pancakes. In the afternoon, I typed up some more things to help me with subbing.

On Tuesday morning, after my walk, I made the dessert. I also wrote descriptions on some of my Pinterest boards and started deleting old "giveaway" pins. I have pins on there from 2014! I never thought about deleting them before I read about cleaning up my Pinterest boards on another post. I thought I bookmarked it to share with you, but I guess I didn't, sorry! In the afternoon, I researched some more things to help with subbing. Later, in the backyard, my son and I played hide-and-seek, paddle ball, and jump rope. It's hard finding places to hide in the backyard! I also couldn't really jump, so I just kind of walked over the jump rope across the lawn.

On Wednesday morning, my son and I went for our walk. Then I went through all 3 kids' school calendars and wrote them on my calendars. I also cleaned up some more of my Pinterest boards and went through the weekly circulars to see what I'll buy this week. After lunch, we had errands to run. I bought new tennis shoes that were on sale at Big 5, and my son found a Ninja Turtle jacket at Target. His old one was too small and the zipper was broken. He needs new shoes too, but didn't find any. I also need a new purse, but didn't find one. Later in the afternoon, I did some yard work while my son blew bubbles. The dog next door didn't like that I was doing yard work near their fence!

On Thursday morning after my walk, my son and I played a game. Then I did the grocery list. In the afternoon, I looked up classroom management tips and fill-in ideas. My daughter and I also decided it would be best for me to implement the tickets again. If a student is good, I'll give them a ticket. At the end of the day, I'll pull out 1 girl and 1 boy ticket and they'll get a prize. Later in the afternoon, we played basketball and jump rope.

On Friday morning, my son and I had to walk to his school for our morning walk because it was registration. We saw the teacher we want for him this upcoming school year; I really hope he gets her. Since this is my husband's last off Friday before school starts, he decided we could go to Legoland. Prices have really gone up! So, we brought our own lunch and snack. In the evening, we watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on t.v. My husband thought it was never going to actually start with all the pre-stuff they put on.

On Saturday morning, my son and I went grocery shopping. My daughter didn't come because she was having breakfast with her best friend, because her best friend is leaving for college in about a week. Later, I did my usual cleaning. I also made a new recipe, chocolate belgian waffles. We'll see tomorrow how they taste. We went to my parents' house for dinner. My mom was feeling well enough to have us over, and my dad was going to cook.