My Week

I don't usually post about Sunday, but I had to share my purchase with you. I've needed a new purse for a really long time. The part where one of the handles connect to the purse has been ripping for several months; and today, at church, when I picked up my purse, the other handle ripped too. Also, one of the zippers comes all the way off when I unzip it. So, with school starting next week, it was time for a new purse. I'm picky about purses and my daughter and I looked last week, but couldn't find one. We decided to try Sears. My husband, son and daughter went with me and ended up carrying around 10 different purses. Once we went through all the choices, we stopped to evaluate each one. First, was if my phone fit in the side pocket. That narrowed it down to about 2! One purse had pockets that didn't close, so that was eliminated because I'm clumsy and often drop my purse; so I didn't want all the contents spilling out. The one above was the one left. The price was marked $69.00! It was on sale for $34.99! When we got to the register, the cashier said I had $22.46 in points! Unfortunately, I didn't have the number I needed with me. Luckily, my oldest son was at home and he found the number. So, my $69.00 purse only cost $13.53!

On Monday morning, my youngest son and I went for our walk. The school blacktop area and playground area is still a big construction zone mess! I don't know how they're going to get it all done in one week. When we got back, we worked on a puzzle. I made a new chex mix recipe, which is pictured above. You can click on the link for the recipe: Peanut Butter Snickerdoodle Muddy Buddies. My daughter and I transferred the contents of my old purse to my new purse. It's always hard to decide where to put everything. It's also hard remembering where we put everything when I need to get it out! In the afternoon, I found some great free subbing resources about what to do with Early Finishers. It's on My son's 2nd grade teacher told me about that site, and it's been very helpful. Later, my son and I played frisbee in the backyard.

On Tuesday morning, after my walk, my youngest son and I finished the puzzle. You probably can't see it, but there's a porch on that red building with people sitting there, and it looks so peaceful; I'd love to be there - much better than my life - school starts next Monday! Then I ran some errands and ran into a couple people I knew. It's always fun to see people you recognize! After lunch I made muffins for the week. I also worked on some more subbing things. Later in the afternoon, I did some yard work.

On Wednesday morning, after our walk, I put the dinner in the crockpot. Then we cleaned up the puzzle and started a board game. I looked through the weekly circulars, baked the dessert and cleaned up some more of my Pinterest boards. It's amazing how many duplicate pins I had, just because they had a different picture on them! After lunch, I did some computer work and then worked on the task cards pictured above. I got the idea for free from I don't have a fancy laminator, so I just had to use contact paper. I made quite a mess! I was proud of myself though, because for the first time, I posted a picture of it myself on Instagram; no help from my daughter! Later in the afternoon, my son and I played Frisbee in the backyard.

On Thursday morning, after my walk, I did my grocery list. After lunch, I had to pick up my daughter from the Coaster. She was being interviewed for a job at UCSD, and she got it! She'll be doing admin. duties in the engineering dept. and they work around her classes. Then, we went for our traditional haircuts before school starts. Her hair is really long and she just gets a little cut off to get rid of the split ends. You can see my haircut in the picture above, and I hate it! The hairdresser was really mean too! She told me she couldn't make my hair look nice because it's just too crazy! She said I would have to spend a lot of time flat ironing and styling it and I told her I didn't have a lot of time, so she said there was nothing I could do and she was just being honest! Later in the day, my youngest son and I did some yard work and I printed out all my sub lists I've been working on.

On Friday morning, we went for our last morning walk together, until there's another vacation. I'll still walk every day, but my son will get plenty of exercise at school. After that, my son, daughter and I played a board game. Then, I balanced the check book. Later in the afternoon, we got our backpacks ready with all our school supplies. We found out that my son got the teacher we wanted for 4th grade! His brother and sister had her, and she is just an awesome teacher and a wonderful person. We're so happy! My son and I played with the gazillion bubble machine in the backyard. It was a pretty nice last day of summer together.

On Saturday morning, we went grocery shopping, and then I cleaned until 1:30. I ate lunch, then made the Costco list. We went to Costco, I just put away the cold stuff, then we headed out looking for some new shoes for my son. When we got home, it was time for dinner. I had tons of dishes to do because we bought a couple of new cup sets at Costco, and they needed to be washed. Our old ones were breaking apart, or too messed up. After dishes, I still had to put all the Costco stuff away! When I was all done with everything it was 8:45 pm! What a long, busy day!

So, how was your week?