My Week

On Monday, it was the first day back to school. Pictured above, is my youngest son ready for his first day of 4th grade. My oldest son had to bring him to school because I had to work. My son ended up with several friends in his class, so he's happy about that. He said he had a good first day. I am working for 2 weeks subbing in a kindergarten room. The teachers are allowed help for the first 2 weeks. The day was so exhausting! I was constantly reminding kids how to sit, how to stand in line, how to use the bathroom, wash hands, tie shoes, etc.

On Tuesday, my son earned a ticket yesterday that allowed him to sit next to a friend all day today. He really enjoyed doing that. My 2nd day in the kindergarten class was about the same as yesterday. We also had 2 new students join the class, so I went over all the procedures with them. We even already had 1 student absent!

On Wednesday, it was short day! All our kindergarten students were here today. Most of them did okay, there's just a couple that I have to keep a close eye on. After school, my son and I were going to pick up my daughter from the Coaster because she had to turn in her paper work at school. Unfortunately, my husband's meeting ran late, so she missed the train! The next train doesn't come for a couple of hours and he has another meeting. Now she has to stay at his work the rest of the day. So, my son and I just went to Staples to pick up a couple school supplies his teacher requested that we didn't have. Short days are nice because I finally have a chance to look at my email.

On Thursday, it was very busy. After school, I did the grocery list. Then we ate dinner and I did the dishes. I went for my walk, then it was time for my youngest son's shower. By the time all that was done, it was almost 9:00 pm! It's really hard working and still trying to get things done around the house, and still have time for exercising. I'm so tired!

On Friday, I was so glad the school week was over! It was very tiring. Kindergartners are a lot of work, physically, mentally, and emotionally. They are very sweet and cute, but need a lot of care.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. My parents are coming over for dinner. I'm making homemade oatmeal bread in the bread maker, a meat and rice dish, and vegetables. I really love my bread maker. It's a great way to make fresh, delicious homemade bread. I just wish the bread stayed fresh longer. We can only eat it for a couple of days, and then it gets to dry. On the second day, I usually warm it in the microwave to make it a little softer again.