My Week

On Monday, I was back in the same kindergarten classroom for one more week. It was a busy class day because the kids got lots of new things today. They used their cubbies, they got pencil pouches, math books, and writing journals. It was a little rough, but they'll get used to the routine. Since I have to walk in the evening now, it's a different experience. I like getting to see the beautiful sunset. It's pretty peaceful and calming; and then, the calm was broken as I walked by the fields! Football practice for lots of young kids was just wrapping up. There were a lot of people and a lot of cars. It was loud and busy!

On Tuesday, the end of the school day was hard. Two kids had accidents so I had to bring them to the nurse. While we were there, they got a call to bring the wheelchair to the playground. Another one of our students fell of the monkey bars and hurt her arm. She was screaming and crying. They put her arm in a splint and put ice on it, but poor little thing, she just screamed and cried. I tried to comfort her, and I silently prayed for her the whole time. What a way to end the day!

On Wednesday, it was a short day at school, so that's always great! The little girl that hurt her arm at school yesterday wasn't there, so I don't know how she's doing yet. We had 2 parent helpers in class today, so that was very helpful. The students got to go to the computer lab for the first time today. They all did really well; it seems like they all already know how to use the computer and most of them are only 5!

On Thursday, I had a hard time getting everything done! School was different because the teacher's weaning the whole classroom off their dependence on me, since tomorrow is my last day in her class. So, I ended up doing projects in the class and only working with the kids when needed. At home, I had to do the grocery list, dishes, and then my walk. I didn't have time to even glance at my email until 8:30 pm! I'm finding it difficult to find time for my email, blog, etc. I need to figure out a way to get more done in a day!

On Friday, it was my last day in the Kindergarten class, for now. All of us subs were a little sad because we've become attached to the students, the teachers, and each other. Even though the last 2 weeks were exhausting, we all got along well with each other and enjoyed getting to know each other every day at lunch.

On Saturday, we had breakfast with the pastor at the church we've been attending. We had a nice time and I got a lot of my questions answered. After that, we went grocery shopping and I cleaned the house. In the afternoon, we planned out what we're going to do to re-landscape the front yard. Since we're in a drought, all our grass died and the homeowner's association sent us a note. So, my husband and daughter drew plans for drought tolerant landscaping. Now we just have to have our neighbor sign it, and then send it in for approval.