My Week

On Monday, I subbed in a 4th grade class at my son's school; unfortunately it wasn't his 4th grade class though. At least the kids in my class behaved pretty well. There's always a few that try to push the limits. When I got home, I made chicken manicotti. It took an hour and 45 minutes! I don't make it very often because it takes so long. It's also very messy stuffing the manicotti with the chicken mixture. When I shove the mixture in with a spoon, it gets all over my hands and sometimes rips the noodle. It uses a lot of dishes too.

On Tuesday, I subbed at the high school. It was really weird going to the high school without my daughter! I subbed in a History class that I subbed in often last year. There is a co-teacher for 3 of the periods, so I only have to teach 2 periods. In the classes I taught, we watched a movie, so that was easy. The students were well behaved in all of the classes.

On Wednesday, I know for sure, that I unfortunately have a cold. I'm pretty sure I caught it from one of the kindergartners from the past 2 weeks. Oh well, that's the hazards of the job - no matter how many times I wash my hands, I can't do anything about them breathing/coughing in my face. I subbed half a day in a 3rd grade class at my son's school. There was only an hour left before he got out of school, so I ate lunch with him and then did some work for the secretary. In the afternoon, my daughter and I met with the children's ministry director at the new church. We might be able to start serving in a few weeks!

On Thursday, I was only going to work the morning in a 1st grade class, but when I was almost to school, I received a phone call to sub the afternoon in a 2nd grade class. Luckily my daughter was home, so she packed my lunch and walked to school and brought it to me. The first class was actually a joy to work in because they were so well behaved. The second class wasn't bad either, so it was a nice day. When I got home, I had to do the meal planning for next week and make the grocery list.

On Friday, I ended up getting a phone call before I left to also work in the afternoon. I worked a morning kindergarten class, that was pretty crazy, and then the same 2nd grade class as yesterday, in the afternoon. Several teachers are out sick. I also have a cold. It seems that a lot of us get sick when we return to school.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping, cleaning, and we also went to Costco. I also baked a dessert. I didn't finish with all my household tasks until 8:30 at night! I can finally look at my email and other things.