My Week

On Monday, it was nice to have the day off school and work. We don't get another day off for over 2 months! We all went for our walks/runs in the morning. Then we went to Home Depot to pick up some mulch for re-doing our front yard. Our plans haven't been approved by the neighboring landlord yet, but the mulch was on sale for only $2 a bag. My husband's drill broke, so we went to Sears to get him a new one, that was also on sale. After lunch, I organized my subbing supplies by grade into these really neat tubs from Costco. In the late afternoon, we dug up the plants in half of our yard, in preparation for our re-landscaping. It's a lot of work to dig up plants!

On Tuesday, I only had a morning job in the same kindergarten class I was in on Friday. The second day is always easier because you have a better idea of their routine. I didn't have an afternoon job, so I just went home and worked on some computer things, until it was time to walk back and pick up my son. I don't have any jobs for the rest of the week yet. I was checking the computer for sub jobs, and saw one I might want. I checked my notebook to see if it's a teacher I've subbed for before, but I hadn't. So, I went back to accept the job, and it was already gone!

On Wednesday, I ended up without a job! So, I went to the flag ceremony at my son's school, then walked home. There was an email from the school district about an online training we have to do, so I went ahead and completed that. I also had to fill out 4 pages of paper work for the Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor. I met with him in the afternoon about my plugged ears. He said it's most likely caused from dehydration, normal day to day, and especially when I exercise. So, I have to drink Gatorade more often. It's also caused by adrenaline, so I have to stick with my decaf coffee and try to work on not getting so anxious. I also told him about my vertigo, and he said it's curable! He couldn't believe the doctor I had 10 years ago when I had a major episode, didn't stick with my treatment and cure it. So, I have to go back sometime for a baseline hearing exam and for a "dizzy" test to see exactly what makes me dizzy. I have to have someone come with me when I have that done, to keep me calm, and drive me home.

On Thursday, I was in a third grade class at my son's school. A lot of the kids recognized me from last year. Also, a few of the kids have older siblings that know my kids, or that I've subbed for at the high school. They always like that I know their sibling. When I got home, I had to do the grocery list, which took until dinner. After dinner and dishes, I looked through my email. Then it was almost time for my son's bedtime. Time goes by so fast some days!

On Friday, I subbed at the high school, and it was not a good day! It said it was a Chemistry class, which should be fine, but ended up being a biology class, which is mostly freshmen. First period was AP Bio, and the video wouldn't load. I went to ask for help from another teacher, and in the meantime, someone thought it would be funny to unplug my computer mouse! Second period Bio was a pretty good class. Third period was horrible! They swore, sat on desks, wouldn't quiet down, wouldn't get off their phones, etc. 4th Period was prep, so that was nice. 5th and 6th had a student teacher that I know, so that was okay, but the kids still weren't the greatest. After I picked up my youngest son, I had to make dessert and then start on the dinner. I will be glad when this day is over!

On Saturday, I was very busy. I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. Then I ate lunch as fast as I could and then my daughter and I headed off to 2 meetings at our new church. The first was with the food pantry person and the second was an orientation with the childrens' ministry person. We're hoping to be able to help organize the food pantry, and keep it clean and organized. I'd love to help with the distribution, but since it's during the week, I can only do that if I don't have a sub job that day. Next Sunday, my daughter and I will be able to observe the children's classrooms we want to serve in. She will observe in the 2's and I get to observe in the nursery. When we got home, the NASCAR race was on, and my oldest son and I watch that together. During commercials, I would check email and I practiced interpreting the video for church on Sunday. I didn't get a lot of things done that I wanted to get done, but at least some important things went on.

So, how was your week?