My Week

On Monday, I subbed in the same 3rd grade class that I did on Friday. The day was pretty good because the kids already had me and I was familiar with them and their routine. When I got home, I had to make dessert, dinner, and do the dishes. My daughter got her college i.d. today and went to a convocation. She said the sign language interpreter there was excellent. That would've been neat to watch, and good practice.

On Tuesday, it was a special short day at my son's school, so I didn't have a job. The teachers have meetings in the afternoon, so I figured there wouldn't be a subbing job. So, I reconciled my August bank statement and cleaned up my computer desk papers. It was raining when I walked to pick up my son, but it's warm, so I walked there in my shorts and tshirt, carrying an umbrella. It was weird! We don't often have weather like that in Southern CA. There goes my plan for cutting down some plants in the afternoon. I've always wanted to add social media buttons to my blog, but didn't know how; so my older son helped me add them.

On Wednesday, I woke up around 6 when my husband was getting ready for his run. I decided to check for jobs, and one popped up. So, I had to hurry up and get ready for a job. It was in a first grade class. It was rainy day schedule, but the kids were actually pretty good. When I got home, it was so busy! I had to put the dinner in the crockpot and eat my lunch, make chex mix, make 6 different schedules for wake up now that college will be starting, make the rest of the dinner, do the dishes, go on my walk, try to get some things done on the computer, and make the egg salad for lunches the next 2 days!

On Thursday, I subbed in an 11th and 12th grade English class at the high school. I've never subbed for this teacher before, so I didn't know how it would be. Lucky for me, the kids were really good. The 12th grade class had a packet to work on, and they did! The 11th grade class watched a video about the Salem Witch Trials. It was funny because the audio was hard to hear, so the whole class was totally silent, and then a kid sneezed loudly. We all jumped! The teacher has a 6th period prep, so I was able to go home early. I did the grocery list, picked up my youngest son from school, then did some computer stuff. My oldest son's college classes started today. He said the classes were fine.

On Friday, I didn't have a job at first, but when my husband got changed to go running at 5:15am, since I was up, I decided to check for jobs. I found an afternoon job in a 2nd grade class at my son's school. In the morning, I made our dessert, then, I went to sub. When I got home, I checked email and cooked dinner. It was my daughter's first day of college, and she was pretty nervous. A friend was supposed to come over and ride with her and her dad to school(my husband brings her since he works nearby), but she never showed up! That made my daughter even more nervous. Thankfully she texted me that she got to class in time. She ended up having an okay day. She already has homework, and 2 online tests to take.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning in the morning. After lunch we went to Costco. In the afternoon, we did some yard work. We don't have the homeowner association's approval yet for re-doing the yard, so we just cut up and dug up some plants in the side yard. We also put some bark in the other side yard and planted some succulents that had just been in a planter. We figured that much would be okay, since it's only the side yard.

We had collected some small rocks that we kept finding in the street in front of our house, so my husband said to put them under the downspout so when it rains it doesn't push the bark onto the sidewalk. My daughter and I put them in a heart pattern.

These are the 4 succulents that we transplanted from the planter. It's amazing how doing just that little bit makes things look much better!