My Week

On Monday, I subbed in a 3rd grade class I subbed at 2 weeks ago. The kids remembered me and the routine was the same, so it was a fairly easy day. A lot of the kids struggled with how to round a number to the nearest hundred, so I worked with several of them one-on-one. It was so neat to hear them say, "Oh, I get it now!" When I got home, I made turkey meatloaf with noodles and cooked fresh brussel sprouts for our dinner. I listened to the debate while I cooked and did the dishes. After that, I did an exercise video I found on YouTube. I didn't really like the one I found because it just did the same set of exercises 3 times. Since my kids have started back to college, they don't get home until around 8:30. That's too late for me to go for a walk outside in the dark, so I have to look for another way to exercise.

On Tuesday, I worked for a first grade class where I know the teacher well. She had an awesome class last year, but this year it's totally different. Unfortunately, she has quite a noisy class this year and a couple of kids that really need a lot of attention. At least I was familiar with her routine, so that did make the day go smoother. When I got home, I had to bake muffins for our breakfasts. After dinner, I washed the dishes, watered the plants in the backyard with the water we've collected, and went for my walk. I also posted a review on my blog. It was a very long day.

On Wednesday, I was a roving sub at the same school I was at yesterday. I subbed for a 2nd grade teacher that attended a meeting. Her meeting was only about an hour, and they didn't have anywhere else for me to go, so they just had me stay in her class and help. We were able to do centers. She lead the math center and I led the reading center. I really enjoyed my day. I subbed for a lot of the kids last year, so it was nice to already know them. Since it's a short day, I used the day to try and get caught up on email. I also looked at the weekly circulars for deals, and cooked dinner. After dishes, I tried a new free exercise video from youtube, since my older kids and husband won't be home until late and I won't be able to go on a walk.

On Thursday, I subbed at the same school I've been at for the past couple of days. I was in a first grade class. The kids were okay, but a little talkative. The best part about the day, was I saw other kids from other classes that know me, and several of them came up to give me a hug. Things like that always make my day. When I got home, I had to make the dessert, do the grocery list, eat dinner, do the dishes, and go for my walk. After all that, it was almost time for my youngest son's bedtime.

On Friday, we had quite a day! My husband and I went to my Ear, Nose and Throat Dr. appointment. My hearing and ear pressure test came back normal. So, he said his initial diagnosis of why my ears plug was correct, and I just need to make sure and drink plenty of Gatorade. He also had me turn my head and lay down quickly and then get up quickly, all while watching my eyes. He even had me put on some weird distorted glasses to bring on the dizziness. It did, but since it lasted less than 20 seconds, he said it's okay. If it ever lasts more than that, I need to come in so he can fix it. Then, in the afternoon, we went to pick up a treadmill from someone on Craigslist. My dad and my husband don't really like that I walk at night, in the dark, so my husband bought a treadmill. Now I can use that instead. When I picked up my youngest son from school, he had a rash on his arm. There was an opening with the nurse practitioner, so we brought him in. She said it's probably just from something like his backpack sliding down on his arm, or something like that. Although, she said to keep an eye on it. It could be low platelet count, so if certain things happen, we have to bring him to the ER. So far he's fine.

On Saturday, the first thing I did was check my son's rash. It's starting to go away already, so that's good news. We went grocery shopping in the morning, and then I spent all day cleaning and cooking. My parents are coming over for dinner. We're having beef stew in the crockpot, rice, cabbage and bacon, and dill rolls. We already have dessert made, from Thursday. I also made cinnamon rolls for our breakfasts for the week. I had a review to post and a few more computer tasks.

How was your week?