My Week

On Sunday, I was so excited because I was finally going to get to interpret the songs and half the service at church. I practiced for 2 days and in the morning. So, I interpreted the songs, than the other interpreter came up to do the announcements and half the service. I sat on the edge of my chair, intently staring at her, waiting for my turn; it never came! I thought she would look at me, or get up, or something so I would know it's my turn, but it didn't happen. She said she tried to make eye contact with me, but she said I never saw her. Next time, we'll have to work out a better plan. I was so disappointed I didn't get to interpret, and I had worked so hard to prepare.

On Monday, my son went back to school and I went back to subbing. I was nervous for him about how his day would go, so I had a tummy ache in the morning. This whole week is minimum days because of parent-teacher conferences, so he ended up having a good day. My day was fine too because it's a first grade class I've already been in. Plus, there's a really nice lady that volunteers in the class every day and she knows the kids and the routines, so she's a huge help.

On Tuesday, I had another good day subbing in that same class. My son's parent-teacher conference was today. He's a smart kid and he's doing fine, in fact he's above grade level, but he's not as motivated as my older 2 were. It's hard when you expect a certain standard as a parent, because your older kids were so outstanding, and then the youngest isn't quite the same. Some of it I think has to do with my younger son spending more time on the computer, and part of it is because I'm working. I know, part of it is also because not all kids are the same. In the late afternoon, I had a dentist appointment so my son had to go with me. It was just a cleaning and checkup, and everything was fine - no cavities for me. In between all that, I managed to get a zucchini cake made for dessert, and walk on the treadmill after dinner and dishes.

On Wednesday, it was my last day for this week subbing in that first grade class. The kids were fine, but they said they missed their teacher, so they'll be happy to have her back. That's so neat when they want their teacher back. After school, my son and I went to the library to checkout books. They were re-paving the parking lot and there wasn't any parking there or at the stores nearby. We ended up parking all the way at the other end of the strip mall because they were re-paving portions of all of the parking lots! It was so crowded and such a hassle trying to find a parking spot; I almost gave up. He likes comics and Geronimo Stilton books, but needs to pick books at his lexile level, which is much higher. We found a few, but he isn't sure if he's going to like them or not. I hope he does. After dinner and dishes, I tried a different work out program on the treadmill. It's nice to have the variety of programs to choose from.

On Thursday, I didn't have a sub job, so I did the grocery list, put away the dishes, and wrote a blog post. Since it's minimum day, it was time to pick up my son. We walked to and from school today, so I don't have to walk on the treadmill tonight. After school, we ordered a few books from the Scholastic Book club. I let him pick a couple fun ones and a new kind at his lexile level to try. You can look up books by his lexile, so I also made a list of some that I think they have at the library. In the afternoon and evening, I just tried to catch up on email and other computer things.

On Friday, I subbed in a 2nd grade class for a teacher I worked for a lot last year. I knew a lot of the kids from first grade last year, so that made it easier. I decided to try handing out tickets to kids behaving and then drawing 2 boys and 2 girls at the end of the day. One girl wanted to see the prizes first to decide if they were worth behaving for or not! I didn't show them to her, and she didn't earn a prize.

On Saturday, I was so busy! We went grocery shopping, then I cleaned the kitchen and our master bath. I ate a fast lunch, made the Costco list, then headed to Costco. When we got home, I made smoothies for snack, then while I made waffles, I put away the Costco stuff. Then, I cleaned the downstairs floors, and it was time to go to my parents' house for dinner. When we got back I had to do the dishes, and then check out the songs I am signing at church tomorrow(she texted while I was at my parents' and asked if I could do that). I glanced over all my email for other important notices and then sat down for half an hour to watch a show before it was time for bed.

How was your week?