My Week

On Sunday, my daughter worked in the 2's class at church, I worked in the nursery, and my youngest son worked in the kids' tech booth. We all enjoyed our time. I had 2 cute baby boys in the nursery. When I had to change one, they both cried! When I changed the other one, they still both cried! Maybe they had sympathy for each other. Then, in the second service, I got to interpret a couple of songs. I enjoyed that. At home, I did laundry, watched NASCAR with my oldest son, and tried to get caught up on email and other computer tasks.

On Monday, I worked in the same 2nd grade class I worked in on Friday. They were less talkative today. It always seems to be that way when I sub in a class again. It's like they're testing me on the first day, and then realize I want them to be on their best behavior, so they are better the next time. We're back to normal days, no more minimum days, so that was strange. It also drizzled some, so rainy day schedule was called. That cuts lunch down by 15 minutes. After school, I did a couple of things on the computer, checked my son's homework, made dinner, did the dishes, then walked on the treadmill. After all that, still no one else is home from school/work yet. Today is one of their late days. I feel bad for them, but this is just a stage of life we have to get through.

On Tuesday, my husband left on a business trip. He doesn't go very often, thankfully, because I have a really hard time when he's gone. I rely on him for so much, so it's hard when he's not here. My daughter, youngest son, and I had to get up early in order to get my daughter on the train. We had to leave at 6:30am(My husband usually takes her to and from college because he works near there.) I was a little nervous, and it didn't help that the train was on the wrong track, and the signs didn't indicate that. We crossed to the other side and found a conductor who told us that was her train. Then, as soon as she boarded and my son and I turned to leave, there was one of my daughter's closest friends, about to get on the train! They were able to ride on the train together; God is good! As soon as we got home, my oldest son was driving away on his way to college, and my parents were getting out of their car. They were going to help my youngest son get ready for school and then bring him there, because I had to leave for a subbing job. I subbed in a kindergarten class that was quite noisy. Luckily I had a student teacher to help me. After school, I had to make muffins for the week. After dinner and dishes, it was time to pick up my daughter from the train. This time, she met someone that used to go to our church on the shuttle bus, so they rode the train home together too! I'm so happy I survived the first day of his business trip! By the way, he made it to his destination fine too.

On Wednesday, my daughter met her friend at the train station, so they could ride together again. I didn't have a sub job today, so I balanced the checkbook and printed some Pinterest recipes I had wanted to try. Since it's short day, it was time to pick up my youngest son. He had to go back to the dr. for a re-check after his pneumonia. She still heard something in his lungs, so she sent him for a chest xray. Turns out he has bronchitis now! So, now we start the second round of a different antibiotic that both my daughter and I are allergic to. Then, we go back in a week and a half to check again. He is still allowed to be at school, just limit his activities if needed. In the evening, he and I had to drive to pick up my daughter from college. His older brother wasn't home yet, so he had to come with me. It took a couple of hours and we got back at his bedtime. I was nervous because I don't drive very far anymore, but I did okay. I'm pretty proud of myself for being able to do it!

On Thursday, my youngest son had to get up early, after a late night, to come with me to take my daughter to the train. After I dropped him off at school, I didn't have a job at first, so I did the grocery list and then started working on making my daughter a card for her birthday next week. Then, I got a call to come sub for the afternoon in a 4th grade class at my son's school. Since he's in 4th grade, I know most of the kids and the teachers, so it was nice for them and her because she had a family emergency. After dinner and dishes, I had to go pick up my daughter from college again. My son was able to stay home this time because his brother was home. I did okay again, driving there and back.

On Friday, I took my daughter to the train. She was able to ride with her friend again. I subbed in a first grade class I've subbed in several times before. I enjoy that class because it's the one with the older lady volunteer, and we get along great. She's a huge help in the classroom. Also, the kids are used to me now, so it's a pretty nice day. My husband's flight arrived about the same time my daughter's midterm ended, so he just picked her up from school and they came home together. It was so nice to have him home!

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. My poor husband had to go into work because there's an issue with the software, for the customer they just met with on the business trip, so they need to fix it. I was looking forward to him being home with us, but oh well, work is important. My husband still wasn't home from work in the afternoon and we were going to work on redoing the yard, so my daughter and I worked on tearing out the grass. We were able to get about half way done. We were proud of our "girl power!" My poor husband didn't come home until after dinner some time. He was so tired, he just went to sleep.

So, how was your week?