My Week

On Sunday, my husband had to go to work. My daughter, youngest son, and I helped at church. We have so much fun helping with the little ones! In the afternoon, I had to do laundry, and I watched NASCAR with my son. I also had to make muffins for the week and peanut butter celery for our snack. I had a lot of computer things to do also.

On Monday, I subbed in a 3rd grade class at my son's school. They were a little talkative, but that's expected for Halloween. My son didn't get to go trick or treating because his older siblings and my husband weren't home from college/work, so he just dressed up in his costume and helped me pass out the candy. It's funny how the trick or treaters come in waves; sometimes there will be a whole bunch, and then sometimes there's none for awhile.

On Tuesday, I subbed in a 2nd grade class at my son's school. The kids weren't too bad, even though it was the day after Halloween. After school, I changed my decorations. After dinner, I did the dishes and watered the plants before going to pick up my daughter from the train.

On Wednesday, I subbed at the same 3rd grade class I was in on Monday. I was also there last Wednesday so I know their routine. The kids were a little talkative, but not too bad. It was only half day sub job, so I helped the secretary do a few things; then, I ate lunch with my son and soon after that it was time to go home. In the afternoon, I made rocky road brownies for our dessert for the week, boiled eggs to make egg salad sandwiches, and then looked at Pinterest for Ninja Turtle ideas for my son's birthday party. I found a few things he wants to make, so we'll have to look at the party store and craft store this weekend and see if we can find what he wants. Then, I tried to get caught up on some email, but couldn't because Yahoo was down! How frustrating!

On Thursday, I subbed in a different 3rd grade class at another school. The teacher next door said she was happy it was me subbing because I already know the kids and their routine. That was a nice thing to hear in the morning. Then, at the end of the day, one boy told me he and another girl thought I was a really good sub. That was also nice to hear. I definitely needed to hear those compliments today. After school, I made the grocery list.

On Friday, I subbed in the kindergarten class I was in for the first two weeks of school. It was nice to see the kids again. I was nervous about being in the class again because the teacher was going to be there assessing kids; and I was afraid I wouldn't remember the routine and she would expect me to. I ended up doing okay, she only reminded me of things a few times. After school, I went for a walk, since my older son was home, and then made dinner. Around 8:00, I finally had time to look at some email.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. After that, we went to Party City to get Ninja Turtle themed things for my son's birthday next weekend. We went to Michael's to get supplies for their craft - painting the first letter of their name, to look like a Ninja Turtle. We also had to go to Costco. After putting most of it away, we worked on our front yard. We dug holes for the succulents, planted them, and added the rocks. A few neighbors were out on their walk and stopped to see what we were doing.

How was your week?