My Week

On Sunday, I received a nice compliment from one of the interpreters that's learning sign language. That really made my day! When we got home, I started the laundry and made cinnamon pita chips for our afternoon snack. I've been wanting to change my blog background for awhile, so I finally decided to do it. What do you think? The NASCAR race was rain delayed by 5 hours, but my son and I were still able to watch it.

On Monday, I was a roving sub. That job is both difficult and a good job to have. It's difficult because since you're only in the class for a short amount of time(45 minutes each class today), the teachers don't usually have a lesson plan for you. Also, since you're in for a short time, sometimes it's hard to gain the respect of the class. It's good because a lot of different teachers now know who I am.

On Tuesday, I subbed in a second grade class. The teacher wasn't expecting to be out, so I had to go off the lesson plans from the day before. The sub from the Monday hadn't finished all the material, so I used that. Also, the other second grade teachers helped me find/gave me things to do, so it turned out to be just fine. The kids were really helpful too, and amazingly well-behaved. They were quiet, and very well-behaved. I would sub again in that class any time! After school, I had to make muffins for the week, and the dessert. Right after dinner and dishes, I had to pick up my daughter from the train. I stayed up until about midnight watching the election coverage.

On Wednesday, I didn't have a job. I kept an eye on twitter all day because there were some protests at both of my kids' colleges the night before, so I want to make sure they're going to be okay and will be able to get home. So far, at my daughter's school, they're just having a sit-in protest today. They have midterms going on right now. I haven't seen anything else at my son's school. I also looked through the grocery fliers, made cards for my husband's and son's upcoming birthdays, and tried to get caught up on computer stuff.

On Thursday, I worked in a 3rd grade class at my son's school. It's the class I'm usually in, so I'm used to the routine. We had a pretty good day. At the end of the day, the kids were definitely ready for the three day weekend, though. After school, I did the grocery list and other tasks. Now it's 8:15pm and I can finally sit down at the computer and try to get some email done.

On Friday, we all had the day off. My youngest son and I went for a walk in the morning. We had fun because we walked by a construction site and he enjoyed stopping to watch the tractors and men working. When we got back, I made waffles for the week. Then we went to Home Depot to get some more supplies for the front yard. I caught up on email, then in the afternoon, I made my son's birthday cake for his party tomorrow. We also decorated for his party and put the favor bags together. We went out to dinner, for our once a year birthday dinner for my husband, whose birthday is tomorrow.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. Then, it was time for my son's 10th birthday party(his birthday is on Monday).

It was a Ninja Turtle theme.

The boys painted wood letters to look like Ninja Turtles; I found the idea on Pinterest. Then, they played Ninja Turtle Trouble. The game lasted a really long time, but they had fun and laughed a lot.

They had cake and ice cream punch, then opened presents. They played Mario Kart on the Wii until it was time to be picked up. They all had a lot of fun. We went to my parents' house for dinner.