5 Minutes with Jesus: A Fresh Infusion of Joy by Sheila Walsh & Sherri Gragg Book Review

Could you use a joy infusion?

When was the last time you had a spontaneous laugh because your heart was absolutely overwhelmed with joy?

Whether you’re facing mundane routines or painful hardships, joy often feels out of reach. But those who know Jesus can live joyfully, no matter what—it’s a gift that can only come from God. Jesus engulfs His followers with great love so that He may fill them with His joy.

Bestselling author Sheila Walsh invites you to discover daily joy. Through funny and inspiring stories, powerful takeaways, and encouraging scriptures, Sheila shows that joy sometimes comes from gratitude, God’s beautiful creation, grace, or simply delighting in God’s goodness and love. And it always comes from spending time in Jesus’ presence. He brings life, restoration, and . . . joy!

The 5 Minutes with Jesus series is the perfect way to start your day with a joyful heart.

I'm always looking for more ways to add joy into my life, so I was excited to be able to review this book. As soon as I read the introduction, I couldn't wait to read more! I read one chapter each night before bed, as my nightly devotions. I use the Scriptures as part of my bedtime prayers. Each chapter in the book was exactly what I needed to hear each night, it was amazing! It was all something I could relate to. The very first chapter talks about how to stop your anxious thoughts in the morning. I often wake up worrying about things, so this was what I needed to hear.

The Scriptures are also relevant to me. When my son was sick with pneumonia and bronchitis, I read, "You've kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights, each tear entered in your ledger, each ache written in your book." Psalm 56:8 The Message.

One of the chapters talks about finding joy in nature, which is something I love to do on my walks. Sometimes I walk during a sunset, but even if I don't I just enjoy looking at the beauty around me. I also love to sing, and music helps me when times are toughs. One of the phrases in the book is, "When joy seems impossible, sing out the goodness of God."

If you guys read my blog regularly, you know that I'm very busy, and one of the chapters talks about how all of that busyness can leave you hungry for joy. That is so true for me! Also it talks about if you've prayed for something so long, that you've lost some of your faith in the answer, God still answers you, it's just in His time.

I often worry about my kids, and one chapter says that if you entrust them to God, your hurt would be full of joy instead of worry. I could definitely use that. The last thing I'll mention, is that it talks about how children see things we often miss, and how if we stopped to appreciate those things too, we would be more full of joy. Since I'm around children all the time, I have a great opportunity to implement this one.

If you would like to have more joy in your life too, this book is available on Amazon.com and Christianbook.com.

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