My Week

On Sunday, my daughter, son, and I served in the children's area at church. We all enjoyed our time with the kids/tech booth. All day, I did the laundry. Nascar isn't on right now, so I didn't get to watch it with my son. I miss our time together. So, instead, I caught up on email.

On Monday, I subbed in my son's 4th grade class for the first time this year! I'm so glad the timing finally worked out so I could sub in his class. I know most of the kids, so the day went well. Soon after we got home, I had to start the dinner. After dinner and dishes, I tried to get some email done.

On Tuesday, I subbed in a kindergarten class I've been in once before. They were missing a sub for another kindergarten class, so they had to split that class. I ended up with 34 kindergartners! I didn't have enough handouts for them, but luckily I had a student teacher, so she made copies. We worked well together, and ended up having a decent day, although it was pretty tiring! After school, I made muffins for the week, and then later, I walked on the treadmill.

On Wednesday, I subbed in a second grade class I've been in before. The kids all know me, and usually behave, but after the first hour and a half, I just couldn't get them to stop talking! It was a minimum day, and they were supposed to have an ice cream party, but their teacher was sick, so maybe that's why they were a little worked up. After school, I had a couple of errands to run. Then, I tried to do a little email before dinner. After dishes, I was supposed to walk on the treadmill, but I had so many dishes to wash, that by the time I was done it was only 20 minutes until my son's snack. So, I didn't have enough time to walk.

On Thursday, I didn't have a job until my son and I were about ready to leave for school. Luckily, it started an hour after that, so I had time to walk him to school, get back and change, and then head to the job. It was in a 3rd grade class I hadn't subbed in before, but I've subbed in other 3rd grade classes at that school, so I was familiar with the routine and the kids. Another teacher had the class with hers in the computer lab, until I arrived, and she had also made copies of a reading comprehension packet for me to use with the kids. I had my class for 55 minutes, and then after lunch, we switch classes. That way one teacher teaches Language Arts all day and the other teaches math. After school, I did the grocery list. After dinner and dishes, I only had a few minutes to glance at a few email.

On Friday, I had a job in a first grade class I've subbed in a couple of weeks ago. When I arrived at the school office, she told me the teacher had a change of plans and would be back, so I only ended up with half a day. That was disappointing, but that's the life of a sub! I spent the afternoon catching up on email and other tasks until it was time to pick up my son from school. After dinner and dishes, I just did more email.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. I didn't get to eat lunch until 1:30. After lunch, I made waffles. Later in the afternoon, we did some more yard work. We laid down some black weed blocker thing and put bark on top. We also planted a bucket of succulents and surrounded it with rocks. After dinner and dishes, I did some email.

How was your week?