My Week

On Sunday, after church, I did the laundry, and made muffins and dessert for the week. In between running upstairs when the dryer beeped, I tried to get caught up on email. In the evening, my husband put up our artificial Christmas tree, so in between cooking dinner, I helped 2 of my kids spread out the branches. Finals are this week for my 2 college kids, so there was no time for decorating, only studying. We'll have to decorate next weekend.

On Monday, I, unfortunately didn't have a subbing job. So, after walking my son to school, I cleaned. I used the Magic Eraser again, to clean the door to the garage, and the wall in that hallway. I also cleaned the inside of the front door, the entryway, the closet door, and some of the inside of the closet. The Magic Eraser falls apart after about 20 - 30 minutes of cleaning. So, I went through 3 of them in an hour and a half. After lunch, I watched a couple of free blog training videos. I'm thinking of moving my blog so I can make money from it, to help supplement our income, since I'm not getting many subbing jobs anymore. After picking up my son from school, I tried to catch up on email before and after making dinner and doing the dishes.

On Tuesday, I didn't have a subbing job either! After dropping my son off at school, I watered the plants in our yard. Then, I had one more Magic Eraser left from yesterday, so I cleaned the light switches in the kitchen and some more of the closet wall. It gets dirty and scuffed up from everyone just throwing their shoes in, even though we have a shoe shelf organizer. After lunch, I watched a webinar about affiliate marketing. I'm trying to do all the research I can before moving my blog. After I picked up my son, I finished watching the webinar and then looked at several posts on how to pick a blog name. I am so frustrated because I just can't come up with a name!

On Wednesday, I had to wake up at 5:10! My daughter had a final at 8:00, and my husband had a phone meeting with India at home at 6:45, so she had to ride the train. She made it there in plenty of time, so that was good. I went home and got my other 2 kids up, and then I subbed in my usual 3rd grade class at my son's school. The kids were a little noisy at first, but then the rest of the day was fine. After school, I boiled eggs so I can make egg salad sandwiches for our lunches for the rest of the week. I looked at the grocery store fliers to see what sales I will take advantage of this weekend. After snack, I had to pick up my daughter from the train, then it was time to cook dinner. After dishes, I finally had a chance to get on the computer and do some email and other things.

On Thursday, I had a half day job in a 2nd grade class at my son's school. So, in the morning, after dropping my son off at school, I did the grocery list, straightened up around the house, and read some posts about finding a blog name - still no luck! After lunch, I walked back to school to sub. The kids were fine and the afternoon was pretty easy. After we got home, I went through some of my email and read some more things about finding a blog name. It's all helpful information, but I just can't seem to come up with a name!

On Friday, I had to take my daughter to the train because she had to go to work at UCSD. I didn't have a sub job at first, but when I got home, one popped up. So, I dropped my son off at school and headed to the sub job. It ended up that I subbed for a sub! Her son was sick, so she needed to go home. I was in a 4th grade class I haven't been in before. They were quite talkative, although it didn't help that I'm losing my voice. When we got home from school, I went on my walk and then had to pick up my daughter from the train. There was nowhere to park(that's never happened before), so luckily I found another parking lot across the street. In my haste getting out, I dropped a key out of my purse! It was dark, and I couldn't find it at first. I tried using my flashlight, but it is dim. I opened the van door for some light, and finally found the key under the van. I walked over to get her and found out why there was no where to park - 3 trains arrived at the same time! When we got home, I made dinner and then did the dishes. Finally, I had a chance to look at my email.

On Saturday, I was so busy - one thing right after the other. I did my grocery shopping, which took forever! Now that we have to use reusable bags, it takes a really long time for the checkers to put the items in the bags. I was an hour behind schedule! After that, I started my cleaning, but had to stop at 1:30 to eat lunch, and then go back to cleaning. Then, I made cinnamon rolls for our breakfasts for the week and then our smoothie for snack. After that, I cleaned the floors and did the dishes, since we were going to my parents' for dinner. I'm interpreting on Sunday, so I brought the sermon notes with me to practice. When we got home, I needed to look at my email, even though it was late.

So, how was your week?