My Week

On Sunday, my kids and I served in the children's ministry areas and I interpreted. This time I signed the whole sermon and the other person signed the rest of the service. I really enjoyed that. After church, I did laundry and made guacamole for snack. After dinner and dishes, two of my kids and I decorated the inside of the house and the Christmas tree.

On Monday, I didn't work because my daughter had a doctor's appointment. Since she and her brother don't have college for 4 weeks, we try to get the appointments done. It was her first time going to our doctor, instead of the pediatrician, since she's 18 now. I still went with her for this first visit, so I can pass on all the needed information to the doctor. Before her appointment, I started the dinner in the crockpot. After her appointment, I made brownies for dessert, wrote a few Christmas cards, and tried to figure out some more blogging things. After dinner and dishes, I went through some email.

On Tuesday, I subbed in a third grade class at a school I haven't subbed at yet this year. As soon as I walked in the door, the teacher told me the class was terrible! I thought she was joking, but she wasn't - she even wrote it 2 more times on the sub plans! They were very talkative and it was hard to maintain control. One kid refused to do anything other than read his book. Another one just wanted to run around the room or sit at his desk and cut paper. At the end of the day, you would think they'd be excited to go home, but no, they wanted to stay on the ipads. I had back gate duty so we were late, and we got yelled at by some other teachers. When the teacher came back, she had heard about my 2 trouble students and she told me I was nothing special, that that's how they act for her too! Wow, what a shame! After I picked up my son from school, I went on my walk and did some other chores around the house. After dinner and dishes, I did some email.

On Wednesday, I didn't have a sub job. After I dropped my son off at school, my daughter and I went to buy some cards at the Dollar Tree(they're only $.50), and then went to Walmart to buy stuff for our Christmas stockings. It's a good time to do it, because we can sneak it to my hiding place without my youngest son even knowing what we were doing. After I picked him up from school we had to go to the library to return his books and get new ones. He had one book he was almost finished reading, but had reached the renewal limit. He told the librarian his predicament, and she was kind enough to renew it for him so he could finish it. After that, I looked at the grocery circulars to see what sales I want to take advantage of this weekend, and then watched a live webinar about blogging. After dinner and dishes, I had a little bit of time to look at email.

On Thursday, I subbed in my usual 3rd grade class at my son's school. Even though it's close to Christmas vacation, they actually did pretty good today. After school, I made my grocery list. By then, it was time for dinner, dishes, and a few things around the house. I finally had a chance to look at my email at 8:15 pm.

On Friday, I had 2 subbing jobs. In the morning, I had a job subbing in a preschool class. The other teacher is really nice, I've worked with her before, and there were 4 parent helpers. So, the morning was pretty easy. In the afternoon, I subbed in a kindergarten class in my son's school. My daughter came with me because she loves kids. The teacher was there for most of the time, so she had us assess the kids on sight words, letters, and sounds. We also helped them make gingerbread houses. We had a lot of moms helping us and they also helped clean up. We had a great time. After school, I went on my walk, cooked dinner and did dishes. I had a little time left over to check my email.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. After lunch, we had to go to Costco. When we got back and put away the cold things, we went to my parents' house to give my dad his birthday present. His birthday is actually on Sunday, but we won't be able to go over then. After our visit, it was time for dinner and dishes. Then I had to make pancakes for the week. It was a long and busy day!

So, how was your week?