My Week

On Sunday, after church, I did laundry all day. I also made hummus, muffins and cinnamon loaf for dessert. I had tons of dishes to do! I had made pancakes the night before, and then the 3 things plus dinner, it was a lot of dishes! Before and after cooking dinner and doing dishes, I got caught up on all my email. I had over 992, so I had to delete a lot, unfortunately.

On Monday, all 3 kids were home. I started the spaghetti sauce in the crockpot, and then my daughter had to do a routine blood test at the lab. Later, she had her last orthodontist appointment; finally, after 5 1/2 years! We were so excited, but there was no fanfare from the office. Just a piece of paper that said last visit. I finished writing up all my Christmas cards! In the afternoon, I wrapped all the kids' Christmas presents, well, almost, we're still waiting on one for my daughter. Then, I got caught up on email and started going through all the information I've gathered on blogs, and took notes on it. I also made the rest of the dinner - noodles, broccoli, garlic bread- and did the dishes.

On Tuesday, my daughter still had to work at her college. Luckily, since it's on the way to my husband's work, he just takes her there and back. I feel bad that she has to work this week and I don't. In the morning, I went for a 50 minute walk and finally made it to the light by Walmart. I've been making it as far as the previous light for awhile now, but finally decided to just go for it. It was a nice accomplishment. After that, I balanced the checkbook for Nov. I was off by $9 and finally found it; I had transposed a couple of numbers! Then, I wrapped a present for my mom and a couple for my husband. After lunch, I went through some email. I took a break from the computer screen and finished wrapping my husband's presents. I went back on the computer and finished my email. I watched a webinar and went through some more email and bookmarks about blogging. Of course, we also had dinner and I did the dishes. My younger son worked on making his Christmas cards and on a Christmas word search. He misses his sister because they usually do things together. I offered too, but it's not the same. My husband decided I could sign up for my new domain name and webhosting service, so I did that and installed Wordpress.

On Wednesday, all 3 kids were home. I went for a walk in the morning with my youngest son, figured out how to put my new site in "coming soon" mode, and then had to go to the female doctor for a checkup. After that, it was time for lunch. I was going to watch 2 webinars on blogging, but one of them, you had to click on another link and install something to watch it, so I didn't want to do that. The other one, was actually one I had watched before. So, I spent the afternoon trying to figure out how to get a theme for my new blog and then trying to decide on a theme. I have it narrowed down to two.

On Thursday, my daughter had to work again. This will be her last day for a week and a half. I think it's my husband's last day for a week also. After my walk, in the rain, I did the grocery list. After that I spent a lot of the day reading some of the blogging information I bookmarked. I did a tutorial that helped me get the settings the way I want them. I was so proud I was able to follow it and get some things done! I'm not very tech savvy so anytime I accomplish anything by myself is nice for me and the rest of my family. When my husband got home from work, he let me buy the Genesis framework and a theme. I spent the rest of the night trying to set up what I could. It was a little frustrating.

On Friday, my youngest son and I went for a walk. When we got back, we made sugar cookie dough, which had to chill in the refrigerator for 3 hours. While waiting, my daughter helped me set up the rest of the theme on my new blog. Now I'm waiting for Siteground's tech people to transfer the content from this blog to that one. After lunch, it was time to roll the dough, cut out the cookies, bake them and decorate them. Then it was time for dinner and dishes. After that, I did a few more things on my new blog.

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. After lunch, I cleaned some more. After that it was time for the Christmas Eve service at our church. We saw one of the teachers from my son's school and someone from our old church. She really liked my youngest son so she was really excited to see him again, and was amazed at how much he'd grown. He didn't remember her, but he did a great job of just standing there and smiling so she wouldn't feel bad. After dinner and dishes, we walked around our neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights. My husband imported the content of this blog onto my new blog, but unfortunately only 2 months of content transferred over. Now, I have to finish reading the tutorial and make the posts look right. I won't finish all of that in one night, so I have lots of work ahead of me. After my son goes to bed, I'll fill the stockings. Even though he doesn't believe in Santa anymore, it would still be nice if he's surprised with what he gets in his stocking.

How was your week? Have you ever transferred your blog? Do you have any advice?