My Week

On Sunday, since it was Christmas, our church didn't have a service. They had one on Christmas Eve, but wanted people to be able to spend Christmas with their families. We opened presents and were done at 8:42 am. I know that's not what Christmas is about, but after opening presents, it kind of feels like Christmas is over, and it was too early in the morning for that! I made brownies, which the kids and I decorated and made into Christmas tree brownies. I made a timeline of when I needed to cook each dish, so that would keep me organized and on task. It worked, because everything was ready on time when my parents came over at 6:00 for dinner. We had a nice dinner together and had a nice time hanging out after.

On Monday, we all had the day off, actually the whole week, so that will be nice. My youngest son and I went for a walk and then my daughter and I headed to her appointment with my dentist for the first time; finally not a pediatric dentist for her anymore. Well, when we got there, they were closed! I had to leave a message on their recorder, so hopefully they'll get back to me and let me know what happened. After that, we went to Walmart to take advantage of their after Christmas sale. We bought a little bit of candy, not too much, and some plates and napkins for next Christmas. I needed Christmas cards too, but they didn't have any. My parents gave me a gift card, so I bought a new muffin pan, kitchen mats and a calendar. I still have some money left for another time. We went to the mall to buy some Hickory Farms for New Year's, also on sale. In the afternoon, we did some work on our front yard. I worked on my new blog a bit. I tried to make a logo, but wasn't having much luck.

On Tuesday, after my walk, my youngest son had a dentist appointment. It was the first time in at least 14 years that I only brought one child to the pediatric dentist! It was strange. While I was at the appointment, my daughter's dentist called and said they could fit her in. So, less than an hour after coming home from son's appointment, I took my daughter to her dentist appointment. Even though she doesn't like going to the dentist, she did like the hygienest and the dentist. Unfortunately, even after all of those years of orthodontics, she'll have to have her wisdom teeth removed, probably in the summer. After lunch, I looked over my email and made an about page for my new blog. I also found how to change my header on my new blog, but unfortunately it involved coding. Luckily, my husband was willing to do it for me, as long as I made my own logo. So, I just made a simple one on Canva. Otherwise, the cheapest offer I've received to make me a logo, is $75. I just can't spend any more on my blog right now.

On Wednesday, we went to the laundromat to wash our bedding. It's our yearly tradition during Christmas vacation, and we always stop at Starbucks first and get a seasonal drink for a treat while we wait for our bedding to be washed/dried. I always feel bad though because if there's little kids at the laundromat, they always look longingly at our drinks. That took until lunchtime. After lunch, we put all of our bedding back on. Then I looked through my email and did some more things on my new blog. I added categories and worked on my home page. I can't get it to show the pictures, so I'm having a conversation with StudioPress to help solve it. My husband went golfing and didn't get back until dark, so we weren't able to work on our yard today. After dinner, I went through the store circulars to see what's on sale this week that we need to buy.

On Thursday, after my walk, we ran some errands. I needed a refill for my desk calendar for 2017. My daughter needs a new comforter, but we couldn't find one. She wants a purple one, but all they have is bedding sets, and she only needs the comforter because the rest of her bedding is fine. After lunch, I made my grocery list and made muffins for the week. Then, I watched a few video lessons about affiliate marketing. Later, we did some more yard work. We finally removed enough dirt from the front to make room to lay down the bark. We put the plastic weed barrier on and added some bark, but it got dark, and we ran out of bark, so we'll have to do more tomorrow. After dinner and dishes, I added a disclosure/privacy policy to my new blog.

On Friday, my youngest son and I had a nice time on our walk even though it was raining. We went by the construction area where they're building new homes. We thought no one would be there because of the rain, but we were wrong. There were tons of workers! There were more workers there than we've ever seen before! The men working near the tractors saw us standing there under our umbrella, watching the tractors, and they stopped to smile and wave. As we passed other workers they all said a cheery hello. One worker even stopped to talk to us about why they were working in the rain and why there were so many men there. They had to bump up some things in their work, he said. When we had turned the corner and were on our way home, we heard lots of honking. We turned around and it was one of the workers in his work truck on his way somewhere, madly waving at us. I guess he appreciated us talking to him, so when he saw us, he wanted to say hi again. It was a neat experience for my son and it showed him what a difference a little kindness can make. When we got back, I had to make the dessert. After lunch, I had to go to the lab to have my blood taken for some tests. They had to take 5 vials, and they all had to be filled to the top! Halfway through, the lady even asked me if I was okay, because that was a lot of blood! In the afternoon, I worked on some more thing on my new blog. The pictures weren't showing up on my posts I imported. The techs told me how to fix some of them, but not all, so I had to figure it out myself. My daughter is babysitting for our neighbor's for the first time. She's watched her younger brother, but never anyone else, other than at church. We don't even know our neighbor, but they've seen us and asked if she could babysit. They said they would be back around 10:00, 11:00 at the absolute latest. They didn't come home until 11:45! I was so tired waiting up for her! She said the kids were good though and could've watched themselves; the oldest is 12. At least now she's had a babysitting experience, and she did get paid!

On Saturday, I did my usual grocery shopping and cleaning. After lunch I looked up the signs for the words I don't know in the sermon tomorrow. After that, I fixed some things on my new blog. I figured out how to get the posts to show where I want them, and with the right pictures. I also made a welcome newsletter. That took awhile to figure out, and it got pretty frustrating, but I finally did it! My daughter's best friend came home from college, so my daughter is going to be spending New Year's Eve with her and her family. I'm a little sad because it's the first time we haven't all spent New Year's together. My husband decided my 10 year old son can try and stay up for the first time. If he gets too tired, he can go to bed. We read all 4 of our Advent calendars because we kept forgetting about them in December. We ate our usual New Year's Eve food of Hickory Farms turkey and beef sausage, cheddar and gouda cheese, crackers, chips, pretzels, homemade and store bought dip, and apple cider. After that we played Battleship. It was a close game - I only had one more to sink my son's ship, and instead, he sank mine! It was 11:10, and he said he was too tired and wanted to go to bed. At least he tried to stay up. At midnight, my daughter texted me to say Happy New Year's. That was very thoughtful of her.

So, how was your week?