Coupon Mom

If any of you haven't tried Coupon Mom yet, you should, it will save you lots of money. You can go online to and she also has a new book out. I have been trying her methods to save money at the grocery stores for just 4 weeks now, and every week I've saved 50-66%! In these economic times it's definitely needed. You can print coupons from her website and she posts all the weekly deals at the grocery stores, Walmart, and drugstores.

I'll give you an example of my savings today. I bought most of my weekly groceries at Walmart for $57.00. Then I used Von's sales flier and coupons to buy 2 Hilshire farms sausage, 2 Oscar Meyer hot dogs, flour tortillas, cream cheese, and 2 Dryers ice cream all for $10.74! I saved 66%!

So, as you can see, it's definitely worth it to check out her website and book. I'll post more about my savings every Friday.