Friday Savings

Well, this week I spent a little more at Walmart - $73.00, but I had $11 worth of coupons that I used. I also plan to go to Vons and Ralphs tomorrow because they're having really good sales on Hansen's apple juice(.99), cheezits(1.99), Country Crock margarine(2.49 + my .40 coupon), pop tarts(1.88 + my 1.00 coupon off 3), lunchables(buy one get one free), Betty Crocker cake and brownie mix(.69 + my .75 coupon off 2), Pepperidge Farms cookies(1.88), Gatorade(.69), Kraft bbq sauce(.69), Nestle chocolate chips(1.99), Minute Maid O.J.(1.99), and Ritz(2.19). I will also go to Smart n' Final on Monday for their General Mills Cereal for 1.50 + my coupons for .75 off 1 and 1.00 off 2; I also have a raincheck for .39 Dannon yogurt + 2-.25 coupons off 1and 1.00 off 6.

So, as you can see it pays to look at the fliers and compare the prices between all the markets because some have better sales prices on the same item as another store. Also, use your coupons that are found in your Sunday paper. Coupons combined with store sales make items very inexpensive.